Author Topic: Rescue in general; Chariot of Fire spefically  (Read 573 times)

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Rescue in general; Chariot of Fire spefically
« on: September 28, 2020, 10:22:45 PM »
Rescuing captured heroes isn't something bthat has come up in many of my games, so the Rescue action as it applies to Lost Souls is pretty much all I ever needed to check.  Today I read all about it, Rescue, Rescuer...anything I could find in the glossary of terms, and there was a LOT involved.  Battles that continue if a rescue is successful in mid-battle; things that trigger at the time of a rescue as opposed to after a rescue--I realized there was a lot I still needed to learn. And then I came across...

Chariot of Fire.  "If opponent's blocking character is not opposed, you may add Elisha..."  My first thought is "How is that even possible?  How could I initiate a rescue without presenting a hero like any other battle.  Then I started thinking outside the box. I said to myself, "Self?  Maybe they use Chariot of Fire after the battle is joined and I somehow get my hero eliminated.  That would give an important reason to want Elisha (or any hero) to come to the rescue."  Am I on the right track?   

Also, regarding captured heroes, what decides  where they go if you successfully rescue them?  Are they redeemed souls?  Or do they go back to fighting evil and saving Lost Souls?  This question might be answered in that Glossary of terms, but I stopped reading after my brain started to cramp so I came down to enter this post. 

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Re: Rescue in general; Chariot of Fire spefically
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2020, 11:08:06 PM »
Chariot of Fire doesn't rescue a captured prophet - it rescues a human Hero that is a prophet.

You're exactly on the right track about Elisha. Another way would be to use Chariot to rescue a lone prophet from battle, leaving the opposing EC unopposed.

There is a separate entry in the Effect section of the REG (the bulk of it the document that precedes the Glossary) for "Rescue" (like on Son of God or Chariot) where it says that it puts the card into your Land of Redemption as a Redeemed Soul. It doesn't matter if it was a LS, a captured character, or a Hero - the rescued card goes to your Land of Redemption as a Redeemed Soul.
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