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Large, Old Collection; Looking to sell
« on: March 04, 2022, 12:35:46 PM »

Once upon a time at summer camp, I saw some people playing a game. That game, as I found out, was Redemption. Enthusiastic, I found a way to get my parents to buy the starter set for me. That was....oh maybe 20ish years ago. Give or take a few. (Yikes.) Over the course of a few years, I found a few people to play with, but it never really took off in our small largely isolated community. I had purchased and traded for quite a few cards. This collection is largely 4 people's old collections I have traded for. (I think trading my D&D minis wasn't the best move, but oh well)
They have sat in storage for a long time in the containers. No pets. No smokers.

Some are in card plastics, some are not. Most cards have seen play. The older cards, from A and B decks, have seen a lot of play.
Most of these cards are from the Original, Women, Prophets, and Warriors packs. There are some from Angel Wars and whatever the 7 branched lamp set was. I have cards from C & D deck as well as E & F.

There are 4 Lost Souls signed by Rob Anderson. Two cards signed by Doug Grey. One card signed by Ben Go. These cards did not see play. They saw the inside of a sheet of plastic.

I am looking to sell these cards as a collection. I don't have the time to sell them individually. (And I can't find price lists for a lot of these really old ones) They are located in Canada. If you want to know if there's a specific card or cards in this set, I will do my best to look through. I work 12hr shifts so try not to take offense if it takes me a couple days to get back to you.

Oh, the booster packs are opened. They're just being used as dividers.