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Selling Collection
« on: June 08, 2019, 12:44:53 AM »
I'm a way back OG player and have finally come to grips with the fact that I'm never getting back into this game. I hope someone else can make better use of my cards! Listed are all the ultra rares, there is a pile of rares, rock of ages, etc. that I don't want to type out card by card. Whole collection goes to best offer!


King David
King Solomon
Caleb Settlers of Canaan
Joshua settlers of Canaan
Chariot of Fire
Nicolas of Antioch
Emperor Augustus x2
Brass Serpent
Local promos: Rhoda, Angel at Shur, Joab, Samson x2, Esther, John x2, Simon of Cyrene x3, Windows of Narrow Light x7
District Tournament: Self, Joshua
State Tournament: Chastisement x6, Water to Wine x6, Everlasting Beings x6, Bartimeus x4, Jairus x4
Regional: Nicanor x3, A Child is Born x4, Ordained as a Disciple x3, Frog Demons x5, Thorn in the Flesh x2
National: Walking on Water x2

Harvest Time
Holy Grail
Red Dragon x2

Wall of Protection
Emperor Nero x2
Guardian of Your Souls
Burial Shroud x4
Thirty Pieces of Silver x6
Ship to Cyprus
Satan's Folly x3
Great Mourning
Crucify Him
Pierced Heart x3
Casting Lots x4
Angry Mob x2
Saul/Paul x2
Household Idols

Destruction of Nehushtan x2
Joseph in Prison x2
A New Beginning x2
Abram/Abraham x2
Moses and Elders x2
Prosperity x2
Siegeworks x3
Battering Ram x3
Love at First Sight x3

Hopper LS
Captain of the Host x3
Strong Angel x3
Goods Recovered
Sword of the Spirit x2
Breastplate of Righteousness x2
Helmet of Salvation x3
Shield of Faith
Belt of Truth
Breaking Through x2
Ark of the Covenant
Glory of the Lord

Angel Wars:
Primary Objective
Habitation of Demons
The Darkness
Michael's Sword
Revealer LS x2
Burial LS x2
Protection LS x4

That's most of the notables plus about 100 rares of different sets. Tons of stables for type II like Confusion, False Peace, etc.

Best offer gets it! Hopefully you can make use of it. In other news, I'm able to fill my gamer itch by being an owner of an escape room! So that's my life now, for the few of these forums that I knew personally and remember. Hope you're all well. If you're ever in Oceanside CA, send me a message. Would love to stay connected in the community. God bless!

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Re: Selling Collection
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2019, 09:35:37 AM »
pm sent