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Redemption Fundraiser
« on: May 04, 2023, 10:13:35 PM »

The much anticipated fundraiser is finally here! This fundraiser is being used to help Cactus Game Design raise funds to replace the "bonus" cards within the box packs. The plan is to have new Roots cards in the packs instead of older cards.

 What is Roots? "Redemption Roots" are new versions of classic Redemption cards that have been given new life through updates and modifications.

If Roots is funded, it will first be used in packs of the new set called Israel's Rebellion, with plans to use it in all new packs going forward, including future print runs of older sets. We have provided many options for people and we believe you will find something you like! More importantly, thank you for any support you provide Rob and Cactus Game Design.


*Disclaimer: With the "promotional" items being print on demand, and Rob's request not to split purchases, there will be a delay in receiving the products. We are currently looking at a 3-4 month turnaround, so we appreciate your patience!

Answers to questions asked so far:
* There are no limits and you can purchase as many of any of the products as you would like.
* There is no current end time, but the faster we are able to fund the quicker we get Roots into packs.

Fundraiser tracker:

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