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Title: LoC,GoC,PoC,legacy rare haves/needs - looking to purchase some needs [9/28]
Post by: andyd1981 on September 15, 2022, 07:34:34 PM
I will trade in your favor if they are commons/rares from CoW, RoJ, and FoM.  There is a list of haves first followed by needs.

LoC haves:
Windows of Narrow Light
Goliath’s Curse
Go Away!
Treason! Treason!
Abducted Subjects
Philistine Armor Bearer
Charioteers of Seir
Edomite Captors
Hungry Lion
Hadad, the Exiled
King Hazael
Moabite Messenger
Assyrian Ambassador
Israel's Sword
Love at First Sight
Plague of Lice
Impartial Judgment
Feast of Booths
David's Triumph
Boaz’ Resolve
Harvest Season
Preparing to Return
Stolen Blessing
Naomi’s Blessing / Heartbroken
Adam, the Exile / Adam (Man)
Judah, the Leader / Judah, the Substitute
Lamech, Rest Seeker / Lamech (The Despairing)
Serug, the Branch / Serug, the Pruned
Tamar, the Widow / Tamar, the Righteous
Terah, the Delayed / Terah, the Wanderer
Shealtiel, the Heir / Shealtiel, the Exilarch
Josiah, the Restorer / Josiah, the Righteous
Rahab, the Defender / Rahab, the Proselyte
Boaz’ Reapers
Jesse, the Ephrathite / Jesse, the Root
Nahshon, the Blacksmith / Nahshon, the Oracle
Ram, the Exalter / Ram, the Uplifted
Joash, Child King / Joash, the Murderer
Abijah, the Conqueror / Abijam, the Half-Hearted
Lost Soul "Remiss" (II Chronicles 24:19)
Moabite Camp
Call Me “Mara”
Rezon, Son of Eliada
Hezron, the Enclosed / Hezron, the Surrounded
Mahalalel, the Interpreter / Mahalalel (Blessed God)
Methuselah, the Wise / Methuselah (His Death Brings)
Jacob, Disgruntled Subject / Jacob, Relegated Servant
Asa, the Upright / Asa, the Blameless
Lost Soul "Unfaithful" (II Chronicles 28:19)
Overrun by Philistines
Hezekiah, the Devout / Hezekiah, the Repentant

GoC phase 1 and 2 Haves:
The Centurion at Calvery
The Prodigal Son
Self-Righteous Prayer
Strict Sabbath
Jairus' Daughter
Four-Drachma Coin
Cursed for Us
The Empty Tomb
The Forgiven Woman / The Shamed Woman
The Child is Born
Nunc Dimitis
Baptism of Jesus
Legion of Angels
Guardians from Glory
Wheat and Tares
Joseph, the Betrothed
Salome the Sorrowful / Salome, Spice Bringer
Joseph of Arimathea / Joseph the Courageous
The Magi
Hospitality in Bethany
No Need for Spices
Suicidal Swine Stampede
Temple Thieves
The Ambushing Bandits
Fence Jumpers
Foolish Builder
Stolen Treasures
Hurling Insults
Left for Dead
Herod Philip II
Herod Antipas
Herodias' Daughter
Deafening Spirit
Destroying Spirit
Evil Spawn
The Sordid Spirit
Restless Spirit
Possessing Spirit
Two Possessed
House Divided
Destructive Sin
Gifts of the Magi
Lost Soul "Defiled" (Mark 7:21-22)
Simeon the Devout
Moses in Glory
Convincing Miracle
Flight into Egypt
Magnifying Multitude
The Ministering Spirit
Emptying the Tombs
Reassurance of Jesus
Betraying Christ
The Mocking Thief
Stolen Seed
Herod Agrippa I
Herod’s Executioner
Abusive Soldiers
Contagious Fear
Strong Demon
Driven by Spirits
Evil Armor
Sin and Blasphemy
Angel of the Harvest
Thievery of Judas
Snaring Spirit
The Comforting Cherubs

Legacy Rare haves [some of these may be in the lists above, I may have missed a few]:
Unholy Writ
Mask of Fear
Romans Destroy Jerusalem
Herod Agrippa II
Syrian Archer
The Entrapping Pharisee
Wandering Spirit
Jacob Buries the Idols
My Lord and My God
Reach of Desperation
Angel of Warning
Grapes of Wrath
Lost Soul "Shut Door" (Luke 13:25)
David's Triumph
Striking Herod
Title: Re: LoC and GoC haves for trade.
Post by: andyd1981 on September 19, 2022, 08:03:55 PM
PoC Haves -
Jacob's Ladder
Covenant of Eden
Wasting Disease
Accursed of God
Plunder and Pillage
Devouring Philistines
Persian Archers
Persian Conquerors
Bless the Nations
Death of Firstborn
Plague of Blood
Honor Thy Enemy
Noah's Ark (Ark of Salvation)
The Prophetess
Kinsman Redeemer
Covenant of Palestine
Egyptian Army
Offering Your Son
Virgin Birth
Jordan Interrupted
The Three Visitors

MULTIPLE PoC Legacy Rares - just ask
Title: Re: LoC and GoC haves for trade.
Post by: andyd1981 on September 19, 2022, 08:04:27 PM

Cow set 1 122/129Missing#1#11#19#50#76#77#104
Roj set 1 121/129Missing#1#22#39#49#68#69#92#115
FoM set 1 138/146Missing #4#31#66#75#135#136#142#145.
  Looking for the common/rares that I am missing. Let me know if you have these available to purchase.

PoC needs:

The Widow at Zarephath
Lost Soul "Distressed" (Zephaniah 1:17)
Joseph's Silver Cup
Flying Scroll
Mourn and Weep
The Afflicted
King Tiglath-Pileser III
A Royal Priesthood
The Great Fish
Vain Visions

Legacy Rare needs [mainly wanting the lost souls, willing to trade double for those]:
Captured Ark
Balaam's Disobedience
Death of Unrighteous
Lot's Wife
The Amalekites' Slave
Egyptian Magicians
Sabbath Breaker
Assyrian Archer
Obedience of Noah
Capturing Canaan
Lost Soul "Hopper" (II Chronicles 28:13)
Lost Soul "Punisher" (Jeremiah 17:9)
Lost Soul "Shame" (Jeremiah 3:25)
Lost Soul "Wanderer" (Ezekiel 34:6)


GoC PHASE 1 and 2:
Clinging to Power
Temptation in the Wilderness

Need any of the promos that are rotation style print.
Abram's Army [Regional - 2015]
Dragon Raid [Winner - 2015]
Gideon's 300 [State - 2016]
Laban [State - 2018] [Full Art]
Goliath [Regional - 2018] [Full Art]
Emperor Nero [Regional - 2019]
New Jerusalem [Winner - 2019] [Copy]
Son of God [National - 2019]
New Jerusalem [National - 2019]
Nehemiah, the Vigilant [State - 2020]
Prince of Tyrus [2020 - Regional]
Noah's Ark
Majestic Heavens
Saul of Tarsus
Humble Seeker
Lost Soul Daniel "meek"
Daniel's Prayer
Rapha of Gath
Fearless Traveler
Glory of the Lord
Title: Re: LoC and GoC haves for trade.
Post by: andyd1981 on September 19, 2022, 08:04:56 PM
Title: Re: LoC and GoC and legacy rare haves for trade for needs list.
Post by: andyd1981 on September 19, 2022, 08:27:42 PM
Title: Re: LoC,GoC,PoC,legacy rare haves/needs - looking to purchase some needs [9/28]
Post by: andyd1981 on September 28, 2022, 09:38:26 PM
updated list - also looking to purchase some cards from CoW, RoJ, and FoM common and rares to finish out my next sets for the group.