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Tradin' with Jayden
« on: January 23, 2021, 02:10:31 AM »
Doing some collection updating and figured I should work on acquiring some stuff that I'm missing. Not sure if/when I'll get around to listing "Haves", so for now you can either point me to your trade thread or ask about certain cards you're looking for. I'm not in any particular rush to acquire these so I probably won't go too far out of my way to work something out, but this is as convenient a spot as any to keep track of what I'm looking for and possibly make some deals along the way.

Meek Daniel LS (LoC Promo)
Root of Jesse (LoC Promo)
Nehemiah, the Vigilant
Prince of Tyrus
Rapha of Gath
Son of God (Nats 2016)

Legacy Rares:
Balaam (9)

David, Heart After God (UR+)
Father Abraham (UR)
The Second Coming (regular border)
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