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Re: Land of Redemption
« Reply #600 on: November 21, 2022, 06:45:30 PM »
Land of Redemption is pleased to present an article by Jason R. about the development of the Scrolls Only format. This article went live the end of this past week but just now getting around to featuring it. Check it out here:

Also Land of Redemption is pleased to announce chazmaniandevil (Charles L.) will be coming on board as an editor for LoR. Charles is a National Champion having won Booster Draft in 2020 and is a top notch player. LoR is pleased to have him join on board to help edit content and create content of his own in the coming future.
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Re: Land of Redemption
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For those who downloaded my Google sheet for Redemption cards, please double check the edits page to update a couple of things. :)
Link to information/video here: