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Discord for the Redemption CCG Community!

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I'm sure many of you use or at least know about the text and voice chat platform called Discord.

I reached out to the elders to volunteer to set up a Discord server for the Redemption community! You can join it here:

I've seen Discord be a great tool for a community and how it can also help supplement a forum. Discord will allow us to have a much better way to have quick casual conversation, whereas the forum helps organize and record important conversations. Discord can't do what the forum does well, but I think we'll also see that the forum won't be able to do what Discord does well.

I imagine Discord helping with organizing Lackey games, quick ruling questions, general discussion, and more.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Whoa, sweet! I finally have a good reason to get Discord!

Thanks for getting this up and running for the Redemption community!

To help promote this new communication tool one of the elders will be spoiling a card from phase 2 on Discord today!

Good idea!  This could be useful.

I had to get it for a phone game I play, and I always wondered if we shouldn’t possibly have one too.  This is cool.


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