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Uncle is in a coma after a drunk driving accident...

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Hey all,

I just got the news that my uncle? (its my older cousin's husband, but she's always been my "aunt", anyway I digress) was in a very bad automobile accident this morning. Apparently he was driving home from a company get-together or something and was driving without his seatbelt on and they are saying alcohol on his breath (I never knew he drank). he flipped his jeep over the side of the road and was tossed out of his vehicle. They induced him into a coma and lifeflighted him to Columbus. He comes from a very devout family so I know they are all praying for peace and quick healing at this time. Would appreciate you taking a little time to say a word for him, his name is Kevin. Thanks

We are praying for your Uncle and the family.



Cameron the Conqueror:
praying here too

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