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My Christmas Prayer for Jerome My Redemption Godson


Almighty God, continue to bless Jerome as he fulfills his destiny as a bringer of your Good News to the whole world and as proclaimer and live example of You as perfect man.

May Jerome continue to share his life's journeys as he inspires each heart he meets in this world. May Jerome also share his experience with Redemption as a game he has always loved playing not only with his amazing gaming champion big brother Josiah, but with me and the North East playgroups more than 10 years ago.

A blessed and safe Christmas wherever God has brought your wayfarer feet Jerome! Love you Redemption godson! Peace.

Anyone who missed the Discord channel #wayfarers-feet, check out Jerome's traveling website --

Here is one of Jerome's amazing preachings:

Edward Roy:
God be with you Jerome. Amen


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