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Discernment about going after my doctorate or entering the workforce after June


Hey all,

I come to you asking for advice, support and prayer as to whether or not I should try and enter the workforce after achieving my Masters from Ohio State next spring or if I should go on to my doctorate. My original response has been to wait for me to complete the thesis but now an opportunity has risen for me to apply for a Graduate Chair position for the American Education Researchers Association starting in January but I need to be a doctoral student till at least 2012 to qualify. I have to make the decision to apply for this presitigious position by September 12, so I will be putting my thesis research on hold for a bit to start analyzing my next move. I have professors on both sides of the gamut tell me that I should go work a couple years and then those that say I should get it done and over with before starting a family. Gretel is in complete support of whatever I decide to do, and will probably be able to get an English teaching job easily enough, and I won't go to any university that does not fund me to attend...I just feel with such a transition from college at such a fast rate, I am not sure I am ready to go back out to the "Real World" quite yet. Thanks for your prayers and advice! Blessings to you all!


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