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Hello Everyone!
Not long ago I started a new ministry called 4031Mission, based on Isaiah 40:31. I am reaching out to our player community to ask for prayer and support. The ministry focuses on teaching and discipleship to students and adults through church speaking, camps, retreats and conferences. The ministry is very new, but I do have a few things already lined up this year.
I wanted to see if there is anybody in our Redemption community in need of this type of ministry. I am booking dates already for this year and would love to come to your area and speak. If you know of any churches, youth groups, or ministries in need, please let me know. Everyone can reach me at, or call me 865-414-0982. Also you can check out the Facebook page and book your appointment there. Thank you all for your support and I look forward to partnering with you in the near future.
Blessings- Josh

Hey Josh,

I don't have a specific need in mind, but I see a lot of pastors regularly since I own a Christian bookstore. Do you have any type of flyer or information that I could pass along to them? Print or digital would work! The more information, the better.

And if there are ever books that you need, or something of the sort, let me know. :)


Thank you Ken. I'm currently working on a brochure. I do have business cards and could mail them to you I'd desired. Once I get the brochure done I'll make sure you get a digital copy. Thanks again, much appreciated.

Both would be great!

Goodruby Christian Bookstore
973 E Cottonwood Ln, Ste 101
Casa Grande, AZ 85122


Thank you the address. I'll get the cards sent this weekend.


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