Author Topic: 1st Place MN State Booster Draft  (Read 2420 times)

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1st Place MN State Booster Draft
« on: July 15, 2019, 08:59:38 PM »
Deck - 50

Punisher LS - 2 (One LR and one regular)
Meek LS - 5

Promised Land
Babylon | The Harlot

Hiding Joseph's Cup
Capture and Seize
Drawn Sword

Samuel (RoA)
Daniel, the Apocalyptist
Eleazar (Ki)
Hur (Pa)
Isaiah (FooF)
Hilkiah the High Priest
Zecharias, Father of John
Army of Simeonites
Shammah (Wa)
Sarah (CoW)
King Saul (Ki, Hero)

Temple Dedication
Faith of Gideon
Faith of Jephthah
Counsel of Abigail
Book of Hozai
Book of Jashar - 2
Blessings for Obedience
Bronze Cymbals

Jambres (FoM)
Cain (CoW)
Wayward Sheep
Ishbibenob (Ki)
Nebuchadnezzar (TxP)
Philistine Garrison
Sabbath Breaker
Trembling Demon

Plunder and Pillage
Captured by Assyria
Corrupt Earth
Two Possessed by Demons

Reserve - 5
Four Horsemen
Herod's Treachery
Jezebel's Teaching
Angry Travelers

I know what you're thinking, 11 Evil Characters is a lot, but I think everyone drafting would agree that the draft turned out being pretty defensive. One table timed out the first round and my table got to the last round in the second. Being a defense heavy draft, my offense was pretty spread and I attribute a large portion of my win to getting lucky a few times with drawing Heroes and Enhancements that match faster than everyone else.

A few notes about the deck, Samuel and King Saul seems like it would've been nice, but the first round I got him on my second turn after a first turn Nazareth from Britta and the second round I had both Samuel and King Saul in my first eight.

Isaiah with Capture and Seize was nice. It would have been nice to have an Isaiah angel to recur CaS easily, but since I didn't have one I never ended up recurring it. My fourth LS in the second game was Isaiah vs Britta's The Terrifying Beast and Emperor Vitellius. Capture and Seize captured Vittles and took Greg's Go Into Captivity which came in handy when I rescued my fifth soul. I was also able to use Temple Dedication both games to protect Isaiah for a rescue.

The second game we were a little rushed to get out of there due to a parade that was going to block us into the church parking lot, so we were playing pretty quick. We got to the last round and I was going for number five. My only Good Enhancements were Counsel of Abigail and Bronze Cymbals, but my options were Britta's massive defense and Greg's High Priest Ananias, which my Adino wouldn't be able to to take on. So I attacked Greg with Daniel banded to Britta's Abednego (FooF). He blocked with Ananias and played Joseph in Prison, so I was a little disappointed until I realized that Abednego protects Heroes from being banished and CBN by an evil card and we had a good laugh about that.

And no, as good as it seems in Booster Draft, I never got Nebby + Wayward Sheep set up. The first turn Nazzy I mentioned in the first game and a Baptism of Jesus + another battle winner that took out my Wayward Sheep stopped any shenanigans.

Overall it was a great tournament. I hadn't seen some of the people from Iowa and Wisconsin all week so that was cool. ::)


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