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Title: Torah Family Sukkot Local Tournament
Post by: drummerc25 on October 12, 2021, 12:07:25 PM

Cassville, MO -- October 26th, 2021

Local Tournament (Closed)
Host: Jamie Coller
Type 1 2Player(Free) Closed Deck($30)

Teaching starts at 10am, Closed Deck event to follow after the teaching.

Excited to teach new players how to play the game. For this event I've already pre-registered 7 new players and have 3-4 more that have expressed interest.
Title: Re: Torah Family Sukkot Local Tournament
Post by: drummerc25 on November 02, 2021, 02:25:36 PM
What an Awesome time that we had!!!

We started out the day at 10 AM and had Prof Mark and myself run a quick teaching time for those that had never played the game or needed a refresher.

We then started our closed deck tournament at 11:30 with 10 players in attendance.

Micheal Coller (my oldest son) took the 1st place spot and Austin Myers took the second place spot.

We had a couple that needed to drop out of the tournament due to time, but they really enjoyed the time that they had.

After prizes were awarded, we had a couple more that had to leave, so we were down to 6 players. Mark and I did a quick closed deck draft to be on the same level as all the decks that were going to be in the type 1 2player event that was next.

After adjusting decks to not have duplicates in them for the type 1 2player event, we began the event with 8 players.

After hard battles fought, Mark took me down in the final game 5 - 0, pushing me all the way down to 4th.

The final results for the type 1 2player event were:
Mark Underwood 1st
Joshua Myers 2nd

Congratulations to all those who won in this event, again, it was an awesome time to be together and play this phenomenal game with other believers.