Author Topic: Modding a "Raspberry PI4" Any other techs advice would be appreciated! :)  (Read 2483 times)


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Okay I am taking a few raspberry PI4s and making a few things.  One being a general desktop computer for general email, writing, maybe my kids being able to use it for their online get the point basically internet based stuff.  I am also looking into making one into a personal arcade. :)  Anyways, for those techs out there, I am looking but can't find at the moment, BUT does the rasberry pi4 run say Mac Os or Windows well? OR is there a way to use Linux and then convert to a windows front.  Basically, I ask because the kids homeschool online is only mac or windows compatible, though it is all online with NO downloads.  Any thoughts if I did use Linux... Thanks in advance!

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Re: Modding a "Raspberry PI4" Any other techs advice would be appreciated! :)
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Alright, so there's a lot here... Linux is a subject near and dear to my heart so I'll split this into points.

1. Because of the CPU architecture and several other factors, Pis were designedTM to run Linux. However, a quick google search shows me that it is technically possible to run a full Windows 10 installation on a Raspberry Pi, but according to this article it seems like an absolute nightmare. I don't know enough about MacOS to comment but last I knew it's breaking Apple's ToS to install it on non-Apple hardware...

2. If all you need is a browser, a Pi running Linux is a decent option with a few caveats. First, while the Pi platform itself is pretty solid, they do run off of SD cards, which can be finicky. This page of tested SD cards is pretty helpful:  Also, remember that the Pi hardware is pretty limited. My experience is limited to the Pi 3 model B, so running a graphical browser like Firefox/Chromium is pretty laggy and doing anything RAM intensive like streaming video isn't great. However, the specs of the Pi4 are improved especially if you can get the model with 4GB of RAM.

3. If you just want a cheap computer, my recommendation would be to keep an eye on eBay for Lenovo ThinkPads. They are super durable and reliable and are likely to be an instant upgrade over a Pi while being comparable in price. Also, I don't know what kind of connections you might have, but it would probably be worth asking people you know who work at large enterprises if they have any spare computers they are looking to offload. As someone who works in IT, the turnover rate for corporate hardware is pretty high and it's not uncommon to see businesses donate/recycle dozens of perfectly good computers that are 5+ years old. Pis are definitely worth considering though, especially if you like techie projects.
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