Author Topic: Men -- Fastfood, Supermarket, & Related Job Interview Tips - Beard & Long Hair?  (Read 570 times)

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Blessings all.

Please post only if you or someone you know has or have had a related job, or are/were in management or are/were in human resources, or are/have been an employer.

Let this thread be a valuable resource for job interview tips specifically for men who are or have had jobs in businesses like McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, Whataburger, supermarkets, and the like.

What would you advise male teens or tweens about wearing beards and long hair for their job interview?

No junk posts please.

Thanks and Godbless.
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In my experience, the most important thing has been that hair and beard are neatly groomed and less important is the length.

That being said, longer hair can be a challenge for working in food service so it should be able to be completely covered by a hat or hairnet.
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My parents' rule of thumb for interviewing is to just shave for an interview. There reasoning is that until you are a full grown man, your facial hair usually isn't worth keeping.
Another good tip for interviews is to be excited for the job, even though you might not have long term plans there, because if you can feel excited for even the chance of serving others it speaks volumes to a potential employer. Customer service is service, and service is an incredible thing!

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As someone with a beard who teaches and performs for a living...

Like Justin said be well groomed.

Don't look like a hippy. For an interview make sure to dress nice, tuck in your shirt, and if you're going to rock a hipster beard make sure it looks good and isn't one where a bird might make it's home.
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Best job I've ever gotten I do not touch my hair and they don't care because of #diveristy

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