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Title: Set Apart/The Lord's Faithful
Post by: GreatGray on February 13, 2020, 11:57:47 PM
Set Apart/The Lord's Faithful
Brigades: White/Green, White/Purple, White/Teal (other possibilities welcome)
Territory Class
Identifiers: Involves music
SA: Set aside a hero for two turns. On return, choose one this turn: protect hero from evil characters, search deck for a good enhancement, or hero may play an enhancement upon entering battle.
Reference: Psalm 4:3

I apologize, but it is pretty long in explanation. Love y'all! Nathan L.

Some background: Psalm 4:3 is one of my all time favorite verses. This verse, along with the rest of the psalm, is so rich with the promises of God for us who believe and call upon His name! It helped keep me afloat when I first began college, and met some of my first real resistance to my faith. Verse 3 speaks about something that is repeated throughout the Old and New Testaments, that God chose us out of the world to be His people, and that He will always hear us when we call to Him!

About name: Having "Set Apart" as the name would be my first choice, as it is a weighty phrase in Scripture. "The Lord's Faithful" is another name that I think speaks well to the concept the verse is getting at.

About brigades: For brigades, I definitely see it needing to be limited to one or two max in deck. The choice of Teal relates to the purpose of the priesthood who were set apart out of the tribes and even the families of the Levites to always serve before God and teach His people. The Church also being a holy priesthood could also tie into it. Green is tied to how it really speaks forward into the Church, and also relates to the role of the prophets as God chose to speak through them to His people. Purple relates, along with Green, to this being a psalm of David, and how set apart for the Lord David really was.

About ability: The set aside shows firstly being set apart, and the two turns both limits its usability. The verse also comes after a "selah," which as mysterious as the word is has been taught to me as basically meaning to rest and/or reflect. Choose one provides some nice utility. The protect is the least "thought out" of the options, but the context of the psalm is in trusting God for safety, especially during sleep as verse 8 spells out. Calling out to the Lord for help is a prayer He is well known to answer; therefore, getting help via an enhancement from deck, or the opportunity to play one in battle.
Title: Re: Set Apart/The Lord's Faithful
Post by: Bobbert on February 14, 2020, 12:17:01 AM
I like it! Excellent verse and good theming. Definitely has some echoes of Provisions in it, which is still one of my favorite cards (although I will say that even two turns can be a long time in modern Redemption).

One idea that might be interesting (if in a slightly different direction) would be something like "Set hero aside for up to three turns: on return choose one of the following for each turn set aside" - having it scale based on how long you can afford to leave the character set aside can create some interesting tension.

As it stands Music Leader can recur it, so I'm not sure how much 1 vs 2 copies matters beyond having two ticking at once.
Title: Re: Set Apart/The Lord's Faithful
Post by: GreatGray on February 14, 2020, 01:03:33 AM
Edit* just checked NLT version, Selah is not used in it as in my personal Bible, but the same meaning anyways.