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« on: February 23, 2020, 11:46:25 PM »
I think a mini set would be awesome, or even a year of Philemon promos that get better as the year come out. For example, Philemon could come out as a Local promo but the things he needs around him don’t come out until State. Just an idea, obviously this has too many cards for a promo set.

The idea for this is to give Clay more star abilities, more ways to attack, incorporate some new strategies into clay, strengthen Clay in general, but mostly to create a small mini set that could theoretically come out as a phase for a larger set. This would allow for a set to be broken down into 3 or 4 phases. One phase would have Philemon, Hebrews got Cloud, so maybe phase 2 focuses on James, phase 3 is 1st and 2nd Peter, phase 4 could skip John and go to Jude and John could be it’s own 3 phase set one year. Just some fun ideas for how mini sets could be there own phases. This would also allow for multiple side strategies and sub-themes as well as this set would be obviously all offense, but another set could be defense centered.
Just a heads up, I had to be creative with this set because there really is not much content in Philemon from a Redemption standpoint.

4/5 Clay
* Take Grace of The Lord from discard pile, or reserve.
SA TC: May convert an evil character and the owner of that evil character may draw 2. Protect clay heroes from capture. Philemon enhancements cannot be negated.
Philemon 1:1
I bumped him up a lot, he is the main guy in the tiny chapter after all, and this is just for fun. Why not make his own enhancements CBN on him?

Paul, a Prisoner of Christ
10/10 clay hero
* Search deck or Reserve for Paul’s Writings. You may activate it on Paul.
SA: If 2 or more heroes are in battle, good enhancements cannot be interrupted.
Philemon 1:1

Timothy, brother in Christ
5/5 clay hero
* Resurrect a clay hero. You may activate their * ability.
SA: May band to a hero with a Philemon reference.
Philemon 1:1

Apphia, sister in Christ
4/4 clay hero
SA TC: While Paul is in play, protect lost souls from evil cards. If your * hero is removed from battle you may reserve Apphia to add a clay hero to battle.
Philemon 1:2

Archippus, the Soldier
9/7 clay/red
SA: While alone in battle, toss all enhancements.

Philemon 1:2
Thank my God
2/1 Clay GE
* Negate Protect abilities. Reveal opponent’s hand.
SA: Convert an evil character to clay. If that evil character is not in battle you may add them to battle.
Philemon 1:4

Reputation of Love
0/0 Clay Covenant
* Search reserve for a card with convert in the ability.
SA: When a hero with a Philemon reference enters battle, you may draw 1.
0/0 Clay GE
Reserve this card to convert all evil characters in battle to clay.
Philemon 1:5

Sake of Christ
4/0 Clay GE
SA: Interrupt the battle. Withdraw a demon or convert a human.
Philemon 1:6

Refreshed Hearts
3/3 Clay GE
SA TC: Resurrect a human from a discard pile and place them in your territory. If they were evil convert them to Clay and they gain ‘Fellow Worker.’
Philemon 1:7
Not sure if this is worded right or if I change keep the concept but change the last part.
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Re: Philemon
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2020, 11:48:08 PM »
The Lord’s People
7/7 Multicolor Hero
* Reserve a card from hand to draw 2.
SA TC: If a hero is banded into battle, they may play an enhancement. Limit twice per game.
Philemon 1:7

Good little speed ability for all decks and the TC ability is insanely useful and versatile, so I had to put a limit on it. Multi brigades so Babel can immediately negate them. I wanted to add more of a SA for in battle then realized you have a 7/7 multicolor hero, you don’t need anymore abilities.

Accountable through Christ
5/1 Clay GE
X = Philemon Heroes
SA: Discard up to X evil cards from hand. Opponent must do the same.
Philemon 1:8

I love this card. The concept is to keep one another accountable so you are discarding evil (getting rid of sin) and your opponent, your Brother in Christ, must do the same. Did clay just get some hand control!?

Basis of Love
0/4 Clay GE
SA: Negate an evil card in battle and draw 1. Your opponent may draw 3 and the evil enhancement played is tossed.
Philemon 1:9

So, this is a cool concept. You can define the basis of Love in all sorts of way, but you get to negate an evil card and still draw 1. You then get to allow your opponent to draw three, sharing is Love, and if they do draw 3, then their next enhancement is tossed.

Onesimus, the Useful
6/3 Clay hero
X= Philemon heroes
* Take a clay card from Reserve
SA: Increase a clay hero by X to draw X (Limit 3) and/or search for X clay enhancements or heroes.
Philemon 1:10

I figure he has a pretty useful ability and adds some more speed to clay, which it now needs due to all the other brigades having so many amazing star abilities.

Chains for the Gospel
4/2 Clay GE
SA TC: Set aside your clay hero. While set aside, if your clay hero is defeated by an opponent you may capture an evil character.
Philemon 1:13

This seems very strong with the adding into battle. They defeat you, you capture them, you add to battle, no one is in battle. But you have to sacrifice an enhancement, hero, and be defeated in battle, then have add to battle to make this really useful.

Voluntary Favor
0/0 Clay GE
SA: Interrupt the battle. Opponent may give you a good card from and you may play it in battle regardless of brigade. If opponent does not, end the battle.
Philemon 1:15

This is a nice trick because you can gain immediate initiative in this set through banding in your heroes. So the trick is to band in and play this and they have to give you something or you essentially win the battle, and off of Paul, in a band, it’s CBI.

No Longer a Slave
3/1 Clay GE
SA TC: Return all captured heroes to your territory. For each hero returned, you may draw 1. Place in territory, prevent evil capture abilities. If played in battle you may capture an evil character.
Philemon 1:16

Better than a Slave
2/4 Clay GE
* Reserve this card to take a card from reserve
SA TC: Place in territory. If an evil character is captured, take and convert them. They gain the ability, toss.
Philemon 1:16

I wanted to give this a new boost for opening/early hand, or even for mid to late game reserve switches to increase the overall playability in the card. You don’t have to rely on a captured EC to make this card work because you can just use it as an initial burst, and it’s got great versatility with the * ability. I will say this was geared more towards T2 because of being able to have multiples you can capture

Brother in the Lord
2/1 Clay GE
SA: Interrupt the battle and band in a clay hero.
5/5 Clay Hero
SA: If a clay enhancement is in play you may choose the blocker.
Philemon 1:16

Paul’s Writings
2/2 Clay Covenant
SA: Bounce all meek characters.
2/2 Clay GE
SA: Interrupt the battle. Toss the previous enhancement played or the next evil enhancement.
Philemon 1:19

I feel like Paul’s writings were used to guide and bring people back to the Word. For his writings I thought the idea of converting all meek characters to their “original form” would be a cool idea but not possible in Redemption lingo, so I just said, just bounce them all and now you can band in Paul for awesomeness against meek, or play clay/meek and constantly abuse meek abilities. It’s held in check because clay doesn’t have any meek so you would have to split your offense.
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Re: Philemon
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2020, 11:48:42 PM »
Confident in Your Obedience
3/1 Clay GE
SA: Set aside all evil characters in battle. Owner may discard an evil card from hand to add a new blocker.
Philemon 1:21

Answer to Your Prayers
0/0 Clay GE
* Increase a clay hero 3/3 to decrease an evil character 3/3
SA: Negate an evil card. Prevent the next evil enhancement.
Philemon 1:22

Epaphras, Paul’s Fellow Prisoner
5/6 Clay hero
* Play a lost soul from a deck. 
SA: May band to Paul or convert a human to clay.
Philemon 1:23

Mark, Fellow Worker
4/5 Clay Hero
* Take a * clay hero from Reserve
SA: May band to a hero with ‘Fellow Worker’ in their title.
Philemon 1:24

Aristarchus, Fellow Worker
3/4 Clay Hero
* Reveal a hand. Owner of revealed hand may draw 1.
SA TC: Negate evil protect abilities. When a Fellow Worker is in battle, prevent the first evil enhancement.
Philemon 1:24

Demas, Fellow Worker
4/4 Clay Hero
* Take a * card from Reserve, you may activate it’s * ability.
SA TC: * enhancements gain regardless of protection. When a Fellow Worker enters battle search discard for a clay enhancement.
Philemon 1:24

Luke, Fellow Worker
5/5 Clay Hero
SA TC: Prevent evil weapons in battle. When a Fellow Worker enters battle topdeck an evil card. Opponent may discard an evil card from hand instead.
Philemon 1:24

Grace of The Lord
Clay Site
SA: While occupied negate opponent’s evil characters.
Good Fortress
SA: If an evil character is converted you may place them here. At any time, you may discard a card from hand to add a hero from here to battle.
Philemon 1:25
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