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Seven Trumpet Ideas
« on: June 20, 2022, 10:38:34 PM »
I’ve been working on some ideas for the Trumpets, namely working on an idea that you get to choose the effect with an added bonus of if you play them on Trumpet Sounders in essence you could trigger both effects. Any Opinions are welcome!

The First Trumpet
1/1 Silver Territory Class GE
Rev 8:7
Star - Restrict players from playing Territory Class Enhancements this turn.
Effect - Reveal an Artifact Pile. You may Negate and Discard an Artifact or Revealed Artifact, or an Enhancement. If you Discard an Idol, Negate Territory Class Characters.

The Second Trumpet
2/2 Silver GE
Rev 8:8
Star - Topdeck an NT Site from Deck.
Effect - Interrupt the battle. Discard a Site to Negate and Discard all Animals, a Fortress in play or Set-Aside, or if used by a Revelation Angel, all Opposing Characters in battle.

The Third Trumpet
3/3 Silver GE
Rev 8:10
Star - Topdeck a Demon from Deck or Reserve
Effect - If an Opponent activated a draw ability during their turn, You can Decrease all Evil Humans in battle by 3/3 or Reserve an Evil Character in battle. If used by a Warrior Class Revelation Angel, regardless of protection.

The Fourth Trumpet
4/4 Silver GE
Rev 8:12
Star - Negate the next Search ability the Opponent activates.
Effect - Restrict Dominants or Negate Evil Characters. You may Choose the blocker or Toss the next Evil Enhancement played.

The Fifth Trumpet
5/5 Silver/Orange Territory Class DAE
Rev 9:1, X = # of Demons in play
Star - Topdeck a Revelation Demon from Deck or Discard Pile
Effect - Take The Pit and a Revelation Demon and put them in play. Paralyze up to X Humans for 5 turns. If played in battle, Discard 1 card from Opponent’s Reserve for each Paralyzed Human or Start a side battle between a Revelation Demon and a Human.

The Sixth Trumpet
6/6 Silver GE
Rev 9:13, X = # of Warrior Class Revelation Angels in battle
Star - Release all Captured Revelation Angels, or take a Revelation Angel from Discard Pile or Reserve.
Effect - Interrupt the battle. Discard up to X Evil Cards or Hero may band to a Warrior Class Revelation Angel from Territory, Reserve or Discard Pile.

The Seventh Trumpet
7/7 Silver GE
Rev 11:15
Star - Negate a Fortress this turn.
Effect - Take a Site or Fortress or Convert all Evil Humans in battle to Clay Heroes, and Reserve all non-Humans in battle.
They seem pretty lame as fighters maybe we should challenge them to a dance off or a redemption game


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