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« on: October 29, 2020, 02:10:31 PM »
So I've had the idea bouncing around in my head for a while about what if they made a version of the big heroes in the Bible around their lowest moment. We have multiple versions of david that focus on different parts of his life, why not one that is about the story of bathsheba, for instance.  I dont expect any of these to actually get made, just thought it was a fun thought experiment.

In making these, i wanted to make all the abilities work if the character was converted, so you could make this evil character the hero we all know and love.  Also i tried to put in a lot of regardless of protection abilities, as the meta really needs that right now. You'll also see a few evil characters that shuffle themselves, they are meant to be added to the end of a banding chain so you'll still have an EC in battle even though they shuffle themselves.  These cards would have all the same identifiers they would as heroes, unless its an identifier that doesnt convert

David, the adulterous
Brown 8/3
Take and band to a female human to discard a male human and search deck for a male human with 2/2 or less and put him in play.  The first time you do this, discard that male human after 2 turns.

Moses, the murderer
Evil gold 6/4
Identifier: may be targeted as egyptian royality
Shuffle this card to discard and evil human and the top card of opponents deck regardless of protection.  CBI

Moses, rock striker
Brown 7/4
Territory class
Draw 2.  Restrict players from adding sites to play or battle.  When this card is discarded, search deck for a site

Aaron, the idolatrous
Brown 5/6
Unless moses is in play, search a deck, discard pile, or reserve for an idol and activate it.  That idol is CBN this turn

Jacob, the deceiver
Crimson 2/3
You may convert this card to a brigade of your choice to reveal the top card of opponents deck.  If its an enhancement, add it to hand or battle regardless of brigade or alignment

Jonah, the runner
Pale green 5/6
You may shuffle this card to search deck for an animal and add that card to hand or battle
(Wording is supposed to allow for you to search for a dual alignment animal and play it as an enhancement if hes converted to good and banded into battle, not sure if it works tho)

Peter the denier
Grey 3/3
Territory class
Restrict players from playing good dominates to protect this card from opponents enhancements

Zechariah, the silent
Black 1/3
Territory class
Search deck for a fortress and play it to draw 1. Enhancements are regardless of protection unless you have a good male human with 2/2 or less in play

Thomas, the doubter
Gray 6/6
If Son of God is in a discard pile, enhancements used by this card are regardless of protection and CBP

Saul, the persecutor
Grey 9/10
Discard a NT human to draw 2.  Opponent may reveal a good NT dominate from hand instead.  CBN
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Re: Anti-hero
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2020, 02:28:04 PM »
Sarah, the faithless
Crimson 4/2
May band to your human male.  After battle that card gains the ability "may band to a human female other than sarah to search deck or reserve for a human with 2/2 or less"

Rahab, the prostitute
Black 3/6
May band to a human male to draw 1.  After battle, protect that card from opponents until it enters battle

Rachael, idol theif
Grey 3/5
Territory class
Take an idol and add it to your artifact pile.  Idols abilities are regardless of protection

Adam and Eve, the fallen
Black 6/6
Territory class
Identifier: may be targeted as Male and/or female
Once per game you may place an angel on a site. Remove lost souls from that site. While that angel remains, negate that site and restrict opponent from placing cards in or on that site or adding it to battle. CBI

Noah, the bare
Pale green 5/5
If A New Beginning has been played, decrease this card 1/1 to make enhancements regardless of protection and draw 1

Solomon, the lustful
Brown */2
*=number of females in play
You may take a female from a deck, reserve, or play and band to her.  CBP

Saul, fallen king
Brown 7/8
Reveal the top card of a deck.  If its an enhancement,  you may toss it or add it to hand or battle regardless of brigade or alignment

Lot, maker of indecent offers
Black 4/4
You may give your opponent a female to protect this card from opponents.  Your opponent may chose to skip their next battle phase instead. CBP

Samson, the deceived
Brown 2/4
May band to a female of a different brigade.  Their ability and enhancements are regardless of protection.  CBP
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Re: Anti-hero
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2020, 10:11:28 AM »
Dude! The concept you have come up with is quite interesting and I really dig it. But beyond the idea and how cool it is, some of those card ideas and their ability are AMAZING. The way they encapsulate the characters moment of weakness and their game actions replicate it is fantastic. Noah, the Bare requiring ANB to be played to get his effect is awesome. I think Thomas may be my favorite and his ability could even be used as a hero ability if this concept never came to fruition. Love the idea and thought behind this.

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Re: Anti-hero
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2020, 12:40:46 PM »
I like this concept too! Really great idea man! Also provides some more "headaches" when it comes to deck builds whether to include the "good" or "bad" variant of a character (or maybe make "dual-aligned" cards out of them, while this then might be somewhat OP - maybe as URs?).

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Re: Anti-hero
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2020, 10:19:39 PM »
Thanks! Nice to know my ideas are appreciated! What other heroes need an evil twin?