Author Topic: Nats 2018 3rd place booster draft  (Read 675 times)

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Nats 2018 3rd place booster draft
« on: August 06, 2018, 04:02:33 PM »
1st Nats ever, been playing 1 year, placed 3rd in booster, 9th in T1-2p, final total record for all 3 days 11-6-1. At the start of booster draft I wanted to switch to T1- multi because I thought I would have a better chance at placing. But it was too late. After starting 1-1-1, which included a tie with 2nd place finisher and 5-4 loss to 1st place finisher, I won 4 straight to place. Definitely felt the pressure before my final game knowing if I won that I would have a great chance at placing. Thank you Josiah Beers for the pep talk! What a great experience and it was a pleasure to meet all of you. Looking forward to next year already!

Total: 50
LS: 7
Support: 2
Defense: 22

Lost Souls: 7
Generic O.T. Lost Souls x 7

Support: 2
Cursed Ground
Unknown Nation

Heroes: 10
James Son of Zebedee
Saint of Virtue
King Joash
King Azariah
King Amaziah

Good Enhancments: 9
Obedience of Noah
Faith of Abel
Faith of David
Coat of Mail
Unified Kingdom
Bravery of David
Power of the Cross
Sing and Praise
Valley of Salt

Evil Characters: 12
Mocking Soldier
King Evil-merodach
Urijah the High Priest
Merchants of the Earth
King Shishak
The Hard-hearted Pharaoh
King Pekahiah
High Priest Caiaphas
Evil Angel

Evil Enhancements: 10
Just a Hireling
Belshazzar’s Banquet
Swift Horses
Facing Angry Mobs
Massacre of Innocents
Evil Spirit
Egyptian Treasures
Escape to Egypt
None that Breathed
Magician’s Snakes