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Redemption® Market / Re: Three Woes image playmat
« Last post by js112312 on December 21, 2022, 01:12:26 PM »
Here's the final version.  Many thanks to JD for designing the mat!  He did a great job.  They'll be for sale for $20.00 at Nationals!  If you would like to reserve one please message me and let me know how many you'd like.

Thanks again for everyone's input!

Good afternoon!

Are there any of these mats left? or a way to order one?
I am just getting back into redemption after quite a few years and saw this mat after browsing the community!

Thanks so much!
Redemption® Market / Cactus Knee's GoC trades
« Last post by CactusKnee on December 20, 2022, 03:50:33 PM »
Hello.  I'm willing to trade even up Commons for Commons, Rares for Rares, etc.  I'm also open to negotiating non card-for-card deals.  Please send me a DM on Discord if you are interested in trading.  Thanks.

Gospel of Christ

3   The Resurrection   
7   Burial Shroud   
9   The Cross      
12   Gifts of the Magi
13   The Manger
15   Temple Veil
17   Three Nails
18   His Sacrifice
21   Ridicule
22   Cursed for Us
25   Bethlehem Stable
26   Chamber of Angels
34   Golgotha
35   Lost Soul "Salty" (Matthew 5:13)
38   Lost Soul "Undesirables" (Luke 14:13)
50   Reprimand / Repercussion
55   Zechariah the Silent
57   Gabriel, Mouth of God
61   Elijah in Glory
62   Moses in Glory
63   Anna the Widow
64   The Child is Born
66   The Lord's Prayer
68   Transfiguration
72   Lost Coin Found
74   The Annunciation
80   Angel Party
81   Authority of Christ
88   Life in the Son
89   Power of the Spirit
91   Jairus
95   The Woman at the Well
96   The Persistent Widow
98   Jairus' Daughter
101   Talitha Kum!
102   Who is Without Sin?
104   Teaching in Parables
123   Boanerges
124   Legion of Angels
125   Magnifying Multitude
127   The Heavenly Host
130   Guardians from Glory
132   The Messianic Messenger
135   Burning up the Chaff
136   Gathering of Angels
137   Wheat and Tares
139   Mary of Bethany / Mary, the Attentive
142   Joanna, the Generous / Joanna, Wife of Chuza
143   Mary, the Restored / Mary Magdalene
145   Elizabeth
146   Martha, the Diligent / Martha of Bethany
147   Mary, Mother of James / Mary, the Caregiver
148   Joseph of Arimathea / Joseph the Courageous
150   Mary, Holy Virgin / Mary, Willing Servant
151   Jesus Appears
158   Suicidal Swine Stampede
159   The Brood of Vipers
162   Supercilious Scribes
163   Crucify! Crucify!
164   Demanding Miracles
166   Clinging to Power
170   Choked Seed
172   Gathering the Sanhedrin
173   Strike the Shepherd
175   Annas the Elder
177   Caiaphas the Conspirator
179   Captain of the Guard
180   Temple Guard
182   Plotting Priests
206   Herod the Great
211   Herod’s Guard
213   Herod Antipas
215   Herodians
216   Herodias' Daughter
217   Abusive Soldiers
219   Beheaded
220   Contagious Fear
224   Herod’s Treachery
229   Proud Pharisee
233   Simon the Host
238   Self-Righteous Prayer
239   Strict Sabbath
242   Beelzebub
243   Prince of this World
245   The Accumulator
246   Snaring Spirit
248   The Sordid Spirit
249   Restless Spirit
251   Driven by Spirits
252   Hate the Light
257   Sin and Blasphemy
258   Destructive Sin

LR56   The Gates of Hell
LR57   The Entrapping Pharisee
LR59   "He is Risen"
LR60   Lost Soul (Mark 1:40)
LR63   Susanna
LR66   My Lord and My God
LR69   Striking Herod
LR72   Grapes of Wrath

HAVES (for trade):

4   Star of Bethlehem
11   Four-Drachma Coin (x4)
19   Send the Helper
24   Sychar
27   The Church of Christ
37   Lost Soul "Galileans" (Luke 13:2) (x2)
40   Lost Soul "Harvest" (John 4:35) (x2)
43   Man with Withered Hand
44   The Centurion at Calvery
49   Judas Iscariot / Judas, the Betrayer
51   Ten Virgins
58   Faithful Servant
59   Simeon the Devout
70   Nunc Dimitis (x2)
75   Baptism of Jesus
78   Love One Another
82   Day of Judgement
90   The Ascension
92   Citizens of Sychar
93   The Good Samaritan
97   The Thankful Leper
99   Amazing Faith (x4)
113   Thomas the Twin / Thomas the Assured
114   James, the Younger / James, Son of Alphaeus
119   Faith as a Mustard Seed
121   Walking on Water
128   Resurrection Revealer
129   The Ministering Spirit
131   Angel of the Harvest
133   The Comforting Cherubs
141   Salome the Sorrowful / Salome, Spice Bringer
153   Hospitality in Bethany
154   No Need for Spices
160   The Thief
161   Afflicting Spirit (x2)
169   Betraying Christ
178   Insincere Inquisitors
187   Surreptitious Scheme
192   The Highwayman
193   Temple Thieves
200   Pilfer
201   Stolen Treasures
202   Hurling Insults
204   Left for Dead
205   Stolen Seed
207   Herod Agrippa I (x2)
225   Futile Inquisition
227   The Obstinate Pharisee
231   Repudiating Rulers (x2)
234   Disciples of the Pharisees
240   Deafening Spirit
253   Evil Armor
254   Two Possessed

LR70   Herod Agrippa II
Redemption® Market / Re: RobM’s trading post
« Last post by robm on December 19, 2022, 05:01:21 PM »
It’s back !

200 Random Rotation cards for $60 ! Includes shipping ! Dm me or reach out on discord !
Redemption® Market / Re: You Could Own These One-of-a-Kind Items!
« Last post by Gabe on December 16, 2022, 01:11:13 AM »
Bidding has closed and the winner have been notified! Thank you for all who were interested!!!
Redemption® Market / Re: You Could Own These One-of-a-Kind Items!
« Last post by Gabe on December 15, 2022, 12:17:38 AM »
There are about 24 hours left to bid! Message me here, on Discord or post below.  8)
Redemption® Market / Re: You Could Own These One-of-a-Kind Items!
« Last post by Gabe on December 11, 2022, 11:27:32 AM »
I've updated the posts with the current bids. I'll take offers until 11:59 PM Central on December 15th. On the 16th the winner(s) will be notified.

EDIT: All bids updated again at 8:10AM on 12/12
Hey All,

A holiday plugin update courtesy of Jayden Alstad. This update includes:
  • Added 3 GoC Phase 2 Promos
  • Added 3 GoC Phase 2 Tokens
  • Added Saul of Tarsus
  • Added Son of God 2022 Seasonal Promo
  • Fixed some typos in L Starter Deck Lost Soul identifiers
  • Change card type to EE on Clinging to Power [2022]

Thanks, Jayden!
Redemption® Resources and Thinktank / Re: Land of Redemption
« Last post by CtheTree on December 06, 2022, 02:18:27 AM »
It is that time of year! Time for the annual Christmas Card Swap facilitated by John Hendrix. Check out all the details on Land of Redemption:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Drumroll please!


The Chambers Brothers are pleased to announce the first annual Classic Weekend, which will be the home of the Mr. Classic Invitational, a spectator-friendly event where eight of the best players in the history of the game will play for the Mr. Classic Championship Belt! (Yes! It is a legitimate Pro-Wrestling esque championship belt)

Not only that, but we will also have several Redemption Classic events, culminating in a T1-2P Classic tournament with exceptional prizes that we have titled "The Classic Championship" on Saturday the 18th!

Location: Meridian Baptist Church, Knoxville TN

Weekend Schedule
Friday -
10 AM, Check-in, light breakfast fare
11 AM - Play Begins for Booster Draft Classic and T2-2P Classic
4 PM - Break and Mr. Classic Invitational Player's Meeting
6 PM - Mr. Classic Invitational - Scrolls Only format
9-10 PM - TEAMS Booster Draft for the crazies who are in for the long haul.
8 AM - Deck Check
9 AM - Play begins for Classic Championship
Following the conclusion of the Classic Championship, the event will conclude.

Throughout the weekend, we will be running the Iron Man pick-up game tournament that has been commonly a fixture at Nationals!


In addition, there is a very high chance of some games being recorded on Saturday. This will be used as promotion material for the game, so please plan on being a bit more "spiffy" on that day. This just  means shower, shave, and wear "nicer" cloths. Don't want things like extra moons over Knoxville that day.
Redemption® Market / Re: Cnakeeyes Trading Post (GoC P2 Added) updated 9/23
« Last post by AndyF on December 04, 2022, 03:27:10 PM »
Sent a message via Discord.
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