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Redemption® Market / Re: Crash into my trade thread!
« Last post by Crashfach2002 on February 08, 2023, 04:46:31 PM »
List updated after a few trades, plus a special offer!

I would be willing to trade the "normal" version of the LoC URs I have with an additional $20 worth of cards for you UR+ version. Perfect for a newer player or playgroup leader to build their collection while not losing anything. Please let me know if you are interested, I have the following available that I would love to trade. Please ask if you happen to have multiples. :)

LoC 3 - Doubt
LoC 9 - Matthews' Begats
LoC 64 - Father Abraham / Faithful Abraham
LoC 107 - Zerubbabel, the Builder / Zerubbabel, the Chosen
LoC 117 - David, Heart after God / David, the Contrite
Redemption® Official Tournaments / 2023 National Tournament in Knoxville, TN
« Last post by Crashfach2002 on February 08, 2023, 03:00:37 PM »
Thanks to and on behalf of Cactus Game Design and the Redemption TCG Leadership Team, I’m pleased and honored to announce the 29th Redemption National Tournament which is back in Knoxville TN on July 27-29, 2023!

Expect highly competitive rotation format games, eye-popping promos, face-to-face meet-ups with Redemption leaders and the game’s creator Rob Anderson, plus classic side events and lucrative prizes!

Meridian Baptist Church
6513 Chapman Highway
Knoxville, TN 37920
Ph 865-577-6617 (main office – ask for Chris)
Email: [email protected]

Church Overnight Accommodations:
Players and their families are welcome to lodge at the church at no cost. There are two showers located on the floor where people will be lodging. There will also be opportunities for people to lock their things up during the day, but access to lockers during the day will be limited. The main requests for church lodgers are to be mindful of everyone's space, hygene and showers. Lodgers are required to stay after the event and clean up after yourselves.

I will work on getting a "sponsored" hotel within the next month or so. But if you want to go ahead and get a hotel room, PLEASE book lodging on Strawberry Plains Pike. The hotels there are fairly cheap and are about a 15 minute drive. Motels on Chapman Highway are gross, so DO NOT GO TO Chapman Highway lodging places.  There also should be available AirBnB homes near the church venue.

Travel Options:
The only airport in the area is about 20-25 minutes away, at Tyson McGhee (TYS).
We do have Greyhound, but this is not optimal as they closed down the main hub and have done little or nothing to remedy the situation.

Venue Meals:
Breakfast & lunch will be provided at the church on the days of the events for a reasonable cost. Snacks and beverages will be available to purchase on site also. A list and rough map of nearby places to eat will be available at the church as well. The prices and menu for venue meals will hopefully be out soon!

Event Fees (All events follow the rotation format):
Open Deck categories (Type-1, Type-2, Teams, Type-A): $10 each
Sealed Deck: Details will come out soon.
Booster Draft: Detail will come out soon.

*You keep all cards in the Closed Deck categories.
Please note: We are set up to take credit/debit cards but you must cover the 3% fee. Cash, Venmo, Paypal, and GooglePay are options as well.

Gaming Schedule (includes short breaks between rounds):
Thursday, July 28th – Doors and check-in open at 8 A.M. Play begins at 9 A.M.
Booster Draft (details to come)
Type 2 – 2-Player
We will hold the awards ceremony around 6 P.M.

Friday, July 29th – Doors and check-in open at 8 A.M. Play begins at 9 A.M.
Type 1 2-Player (Swiss format)
Type A 2-Player (Swiss format; event happens provided we have 6 or more players meeting Type A requirements)
We will hold the awards ceremony around 6 P.M.

Saturday, July 30th – Doors and check-in open at 8 A.M. Play begins at 9 A.M.
Sealed Deck (details to come)
Type 1 Teams
We will hold the awards ceremony around 5 P.M.

Note: Rounds played per category will be determined by the number of players registered in each category.

CLICK HERE for Official Tournament Announcements Including Nats2023

Registration to come soon.
Redemption® Market / Re: Dermo's Den: Updated 2/10/23
« Last post by dermo4christ on February 08, 2023, 01:28:02 PM »
Original post updated! More coming soon!!
Redemption® Market / Ultra rares, promos, Nats Promos and more for sale
« Last post by Cnakeeyes on February 07, 2023, 05:13:43 PM »
After 15 years of Collecting, I have decided to sell down my collection. Over the last 2 years I haven’t had the opportunity to play near as much as I would like and have just lost the spark. I have listed all the Extra URs I have here along with Yourturngames price and what im asking. I also have some rare sets and Nats promos Listed as make an offer and will auction them off to Highest bidder but reserve the right to turn down any offer that I don’t think is enough. I have 2+ copies of most other cards not listed, just ask and I'll let you know. I will be asking and extra $5 for shipping on all orders under $75.

 And before anyone says something (MrMiYoda) I am keeping 1 of each set and plan to still play at local tournaments if/when they happen.

Early Church
The False Prophet $10
Evil Sacrifice x2 $10
Love $18

Persecuted Church
LS (Awake) $10
Christ Triumph $15
Music Leader $7.50
Silly Women $10

Cloud of Witnesses
The Second Coming (Gold Border) x2 $65 YTG$85
LS (Dull) $7.50 YTG$12
Broken Covenant (Gold Border) x2 $10 YTG$15
Eternal Inheritance (Gold Border) x2 $18 YTG$25

Revelations of John
LS (Humble) $7.50 YTG$12
Michael, the Archangel x2 $28 YTG$35
Red Dragon $28 YTG$35

Fall of Man
The Fall of Man x2 $15 YTG$20

Prophecies of Christ
Book of the Covenant $28 YTG$35
Destruction of Nehushtan x2 $35 YTG$45
Sheol $40 YTG$55
LS (Remnant) x2 $30 YTG$35
Valley of Dry Bones x2 $15 YTG$20

Chronicle of the Kings $45 YTG$60
Doubt x3 $28 YTG$35
Matthew’s Begats x3 $15 YTG$25
Father Abraham x2 $28 YTG$35
Zerubbabel x2 $28 YTG$35
David, Heart x2 $28 YTG$35
Solomon’s Dream $7.50 YTG$12

The Resurrection $35 YTG$45
The Cross $35 YTG$45
His Sacrifice (UR+) $30 YTG$40
His Sacrifice x2 $22 YTG$30
Authority of Christ x2 $35 YTG#45

Legacy Rares FoM
Eve x2 $5
Obedience of Noah x2 $5
Egyptian Magicians x2 $8
Pentecost $6
Sabbath Breaker $10
Balaam $8
Spy $6
Capturing Canaan $5

Dragon Raid x5 $2
Boaz' Sandal $4
The Serpent (Gold Border) $12
Philistine Diviners x3 $10
Abram's Army x3 $12
LS (Crowds) $7.50
Eli the Priest x2 $10
Gideon's 300 x4 $10
Esau, the Hunter $12
The Watchman $5
Paul $8
Fearless Traveler $10
Job $12
Rapha of Gath $10
Laban x4 $8
Goliath $12
Majestic Heavens x2 $12
Bethlehem $10
Prophets of Gibeath $12
Haman x4 $10
New Jerusalem x5 $8
The Divining Damsel $10
Book of the Law x2 $8
Damascus x2 $8
Gates of Jerusalem x2 $10
Root of Jesse x2 $8
Wall of Protection x2 $10
Nehemiah, the Vigilant x4 $15
Prince of Tyrus x3 $25
Pride of Lions x2 $12
Eye on It x2 $10
David's Harp x2 $12
Michael, Chief Prince x2 $12

Michael, Chief Prince $30

Ban Cards
Mourn and Weep $15
Endless Treasures $15
Children of Light $15

Nats Participation Promo
Glory of the Lord (2014) Gold Border x2 $25 YTG$35
Glory of the Lord (2015) Sword Background $35 YTG$45
Noah’s Ark $20 YTG$30
Whirlwind/Everlasting Ground (2018) $20 YTG$25
Son of God/NJ Combo x2 $25
Mayhem (2020) x2 $20 YTG$25
Humble Seeker $20 YTG$25

Nats promos
Angel of the lord (2017) $100
Moses (2019) $75
The priest of Zeus (2019) $75
Glory of the Lord (2020) $50

Women’s error 4 card set (One set recently sold of $60) $50
Redemption® Resources and Thinktank / Re: Land of Redemption
« Last post by CtheTree on February 05, 2023, 04:15:12 AM »
Who enjoyed Seth Morlan's (thecoolguy aka bingaling4243) first article in the series "Underused Cards" on good alignment cards? Well part two is here on Land of Redemption and it is on evil alignment cards:

Also, join Taylor for a devotional on Gabriel at Land of Redemption:
To facilitate donations I have decided to do a drawing accompanying this GoFundMe. The winner of the drawing will get a lot of rare/valuable Redemption items worth over $1,000! Full details above.

Please consider donating here:
This year my playgroup is seeking to make it possible for the top two teenage players in the group to go to the 2023 Redemption National Tournament in Tennessee. We are on the Oregon coast and I believe are the furthest west out of any active playgroup in the nation. The plane tickets for the top two teenage players (Timothy and Steven) in the group to go to Nationals have been purchased but we need to raise funds to cover the cost. Would you consider donating to help these two teenagers go to Nationals? It would be a dream come true for them! Please consider donating here:

To facilitate this I have decided to do a high end drawing:

The Drawing:

Those who donate at least $20 will have one slip with their name entered into a drawing for the lot below. For every increment of $20 donated you will receive an extra slip in the drawing. So for example if you donate $100 you will have 5 slips with your name on it entered into the drawing. Once the fundraising goal has been reached Timothy, Steven, and myself will livestream the drawing on Twitch to reveal the winner.

I truly cannot afford to pay for Steven/Timothy’s flights for Nationals but really want to help them be able to go so I have decided to part with these special items from my collection to hopefully help them be able to go to Nationals. As some of you know I had sold all of the rest of my special Nats promos a while back and these are the only ones I kept as they are my personal favorites for various reasons. Well for the benefit of these two teenagers I am going to part with them along with some other treasures from my collection.

Please be generous in donating: Timothy and Steven are great kids and coming from low income backgrounds this would be the biggest vacation of their entire childhood. Steven for instance has never been on a plane and is quite excited about that part too.

[NOTE: The winner of the drawing will be asked to cover shipping costs. Shipping the framed uncut sheet will cost some money but should not be too bad]

The Prize:

Scattered 2021 Nats Top Cut Promo- $200 value (per Chris Fachman pricing)
Limited Framed Uncut Sheet- $180 value (it would cost around $200 to frame the uncut sheet due to its size. This is beautifully framed by a skilled woodworker specializing in frames with high quality class. The sheet itself is probably worth $50-$100. I do a $180 value due to the rarity of something like this being sold on the market).
Angel of the Lord 2016 Nats Promo- $150 value (YTG has the 2017 AotL Promo priced at $140 and since 2016 is older I think this is a fair price estimate since nowhere has one for sell)
Angel of the Lord 2020 Nats Promo- $105 value (YTG Pricing)
Authority of Christ (UR+)- $80 value (YTG Pricing)
Michael 2017 Nats Promo- $75 value (TLG Pricing)
The Resurrection (UR+)- $70 value (YTG Pricing)
Beelzebub (UR+)- $70 value (YTG Pricing)
Foreign Wives 2022 Nats Side Event Promo x2- $65 value (per RedDragonThorn Consult)

Total value: $1060


Whole Prize Lot:

Spoiler (hover to show)

Just the Cards:
Spoiler (hover to show)
The Arena Games
11503 E Loop 1604 N, Suite 104
Universal City, TX 78148
Phone: 210-865-4603


Universal City, TX–February 24, 2023
Local (Open) Tournament Host: Brandon Coderre, [email protected] The Arena Games, 11503 TX1604 Loop, Suite 104, Universal City, TX 78148. Type: Booster Draft – 2 Player – GoC ($30.00). Starts 6:00pm.

Universal City, TX–February 25, 2023
District Tournament Host: Brandon Coderre, [email protected] The Arena Games, 11503 TX1604 Loop, Suite 104, Universal City, TX 78148. Type: Type 1 – 2 Player – Classic ($5.00), Type 2 – 2 Player – Classic ($5.00), Closed Deck – 2 Player ($20.00) and Booster Draft – 2 Player – GoC ($30.00). Starts 10:00am.

Usual hotel option nearby:
Redemption® Official Tournaments / Re: Northeast State and Regional Tournaments 2023
« Last post by robm on January 27, 2023, 07:29:00 PM »
Rochester, NY--June 2-3, 2023

North East Regional Tournament Host: Rob Mulye, [email protected] Hope Christian Fellowship, 3495 Lake Ave., Rochester, NY 14612.

$10 entry fee ( not listed on cactus not sure if I forgot to write it in ) * cactus also incorrectly list type 1 and 2 as GoC only which they cannot be for regionals

Type: Type 1 - 2 Player  (free),  Type 1 - Teams (free), Type 2 - 2 Player (free) Closed Deck - 2 Player ($12.00) and Booster Draft - 2 Player - GoC ($40.00).  Starts 5:00pm Friday and 9:00am Saturday.
Redemption® Official Tournaments / Re: Northeast State and Regional Tournaments 2023
« Last post by robm on January 27, 2023, 07:27:14 PM »
Northeast State and Regional Tournaments

Connecticut - April 22nd 

New York - May 19 & 20th Moravia, NY

Regionals - June 2 and 3rd Rochester NY

Pennsylvania June 16th Landcaster PA

Massachusetts June 17th

Maryland - June 17th?

New Jersey- Pending June 24th

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