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Tinkering on a Redemption Game for Mobile (Demo & screenshots)


For the Last Month ive been working on this project. It all started when i was reading some posts on the forums about the complications of making a redemption game for mobile so i started tinkering with the idea and its led to this.

Imagine a gameboy style game like pokemon but instead of battling monsters you play redemption.

This is a basic tech Demo showing whats possible. This will be a single player game. Sofar theres a small explorable area with collisions and interactions. The menu system and buying booster packs are merely a concept to show what itll look like. Battle is fully implemented with the exception of dominant abilities and card special abilities, so its currently just battle by numbers. There is only a single deck in the game at the moment, and its currently uneditable. artwork is currently placeholder and drawn by myself. i'm a programmer and not an artist.

how the battle field works
the field expands horizontally allowing you to theoretically have an unlimited number of cards on field. each cardzone also expands to keep things organized. you can use the 'slider' bar to scroll the field.

exploring the world has onscreen directional controls, an A button and a Menu button while all the other screens such as battle and your cardbox have full touchscreen buttons to accommodate the complexity of whats going on and to limit the clutter that directional buttons and an A button would cause.

my goals for this project
my ultimate goal for this project is a complete single player game that is a near-perfect replication of the redemption card game. i intent to release the first full version of the game with A/B starter Decks, the Limited set, and the Prophets sets. after which updates will include additional sets and an expanded world. the reason for this is to first build a solid base for the game logic and then slowly expand it to include more complicated abilities and gameplay. Also my goal is to have Save files work with newer updates as the game will only ever expand. That way progress is never lost as the game is updated.

still needing to implement
dominant card effects in battle
abilities in battle
card artwork
battle screen artwork
ui artwork
add other A/B deck
add limited set cards
add prophets set cards
cardbox screen where u see your cards and build your deck
finish booster pack system where u can buy cards
add money system and methods of acquiring money(jobs and chores)
finish menu system
options menu to adjust text speed, battle speed, and button transparency
save/load system
finish world tileset
finish designing world with multiple towns
create storyline (game will be openworld with a storyline)
add music
...And theres alot more i havent thought about

This is  Windows version to make it easier to test and play. all mouse click to simulate tapping on a mobile.
you can press space bar during combat to automatically win. mostly to test leaving battle.

Let me kno what yall think.

If you manage to pull this off, quite impressive. You have a lot of skills! Thankful you are part of the Redemption community.

This reminds me of the DOS game called Spiritual Warfare.  Love it!



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