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Hi guys,
I am looking for help in completing a web based version of Redemption.  I started developing it about 3 or 4 years ago and thought it was complete enough to put out for testing and soliciting help from others in completing it.  I am not interested in making money off it, I would like it to be free as possible and bring glory to God.  I am willing to spend reasonable amounts to support it as a ministry and I figured it could advertise the playing cards and Cactus Games. 

People will be able to design/personalize their own cards with points they earn as they go, "buy" additional cards for their decks with them, etc.  They can play against the computer or against others.  I mostly coded against the G/H decks since that is what I owned.  Eventually I would like to add virtual reality to it (how hard can it be!   ::) )  mostly because redemption requires a large playing surface and the 3D interactions would be very simple. 

Here is my biggest issue:  I developed this on a 7 year old laptop under MS SQL, using Visual Studio C#, and Javascript.  I was excited to get to the point where I could put it on Azure and enjoy some server based speed, rather than running the database, web server, and browser, plus various programs all at once on an older laptop.  Boy was I surprised by the dismal speed and associated premium price tag of Azure!  My old laptop ran it 10 to 20 times faster even while doing everything else.  Now I am thinking I might need to convert to MySql and set up a local network connection with my own hardware because I do not want to spend 10000.00 for Microsoft licensing!

I would love any help people could give in this.  I can share more details to those who are interested. 

We began developing a Redemption app in Unreal engine. It is free and we have a TCG template to start. With your knowledge of programming you may be able to make it work.

I would love to see a Redemption app on Computer, Google Play store, and iTunes store.. Lackey practically has all of the card images and card data already.

Please reach out to me if I can be of further assistance. My programming knowledge is simply too limited to complete the app myself with Unreal.

You've got my support.  Will there be a kickstarter?

kariusvega:  I've never tried to use the unreal engine.  I don't know how well that would work over the internet plus I am not all that good at graphics.  Most of my time was spent on the logic.  I probably refactored my design 4 times as I went down the road and discovered "hmm.  I can't accommodate this card...".  Rules that affect rules, but not when other rules affect this rule unless....  Some of them get really really complex (try the Battle Interrupt for instance.)   :) The downside, and upside of my design is that almost everything happens in SQL.  That means every rule and definition is dynamic.  That gives it great flexibility, but SQL does not make a great programming language.  It's a very good data retrieval language.  I've thought of refactoring again to bring the calculating logic out of SQL and down to C#, but I can't keep doing that and I do not know what the penalties will be.  There are a lot of IOs involved in each move.  One of the beautiful things about it is that even a novice can play it because it tells you which moves are valid.  Back to the unreal engine, it does not matter much what front end is stapled onto it.  As long as that front end can take data from a c#/SQL source.  But I really want it to be available via web so everyday people can have access. 

bluefrog1288: A kickstarter fundraiser?  I had not planned on it.  Might be something to look into to acquire MSSQL licenses so I don't have to spend another quarter of a year converting from MSSQL to MySql (not knowing how it will turn out).  It will probably need 4 cores and I just checked on pricing, 14000.00+ for 1 license.  But that's enterprise version and I think that is 2 cores.  I think standard version would probably work and that would be roughly 6500.00 (I think) for 4 cores.


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