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FreedomCardGames.com is active right now.


If you want to try an online version of the redemption card game, I have it running at https://freedomcardgame.com
You are welcome to try it out.  I recommend a full size screen; although I have used my phone, the size makes it a bit difficult.  It is running on my home network on an older machine so I can't guarantee 24/7 operation and I don't know what speed you will get once a bunch of people are on it.  I guess it depends on how many people try to use it at once and whether my internet gives us any problems (it's an 8MB connection).  It's super speedy for me though.   ;D
   I am aware there are a couple bugs and glitches here and there, but there should not be anything major.  If you have a hard time with anything - like it doesn't look right on your screen or you can't figure something out - there is a "Message Me" button on the main screen.  Use it to send me a note.  There is no tutorial at this time.  Also, you don't just "get a full deck", you have to build it card by card using points that you earn by playing it.  You start with enough points for a small deck and earn points every time you complete a game.

That didn't take long.  The system went into sleep mode and I had to wake it up.  That's happened once or twice in the last few weeks (it's an old laptop.)  Sorry if anyone was online when it happened.

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