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Does a non-symetrical game appeal to you?

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--- Quote from: pilgrim14 on January 29, 2015, 10:01:53 PM ---I meant more along the line of Netrunner, where the two sides have completely different mechanics and play styles.

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Star wars LCG and NR are almost the same.

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I've never actually played Star Wars but from what I've read about the gameplay each side has relatively the same turn structure and the same overall possible actions. NR has completely different mechanics for each side and only a few actions shared.

On-topic: I like the idea of asymmetrical play because it means you're almost playing 2 different games if you play each side, but they still interact with each other and are in the same universe. It's fun to try and figure out how to make a run at a corp knowing what's in your hand, but also knowing what possibilities they could have laid in the way while they know what they've laid and might know your tricks.

In star wars, each side has a different goal, much like NR but not exactally the same.


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