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Printable Decklist Forms


We added a downloadable .pdf for the community on for type 1 and type 2 decklists. Tournament hosts and players alike, please feel free to use as often as you like.

Please PM with any critiques or changes for the decklists.

These are great!

I just looked over the T1 list. Itís very well done and contains all the fields I think we need. My only critique is the limiting factor of the sections. Specifically the good seems too small (is it 18 total) for a decent number of T1 decks. The LS and Dom section could lose a few lines. I rarely see a T1 deck with more than 8 of either.

Thanks for the feedback Gabe!

Let me ask some follow up questions to aid in my update.

There is currently 13 lines for Souls and 11 for Dom's. If I were to reduce the souls to 11 to match Dom's, I could add 1 line to each of the Good and Evil Card section (making those section 19 lines). Would that be enough? or one of the following:

--If not, I could drop LS/Dom to 9, and Good and Evil to 20
--If not, I could add a back page that would have a "Cont." section for the front
--If not, in other tournaments i have been to, they hand people a 2nd copy for a "Cont." section and staple the two together
--if not, <insert suggestion here>

I like cutting the LS and Doms to 9 and increasing good/evil to 20. I don't think it's just my play style since I do a lot of deck checks, but that feels like it covers most T1 decks. There will always be rare exceptions, like someone playing a 100 card T1. :)

What if you only speak Spanish or French?  That you can't use these sadly.  :P :P


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