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People of Juda and Assyria. Deck list without reserve


gold brigade man:
Good Dominants:
Son of god
New Jerusalem (RTW)
Angel of the Lord
Ride on Victoriously/Awesome Things

Evil Dominants:
Christian Martyr
Doubt (LoC)
Led Astray

Lost souls:
3 meek souls
Jeremiah 7:18 (Womans)
Luke 13:25 (Disciples)
Unfaithful (LoC)
Hebrews 5:11 (CoW)

Assyria's Tribute

Wall of Protection (LoC)
Assyrian Camp (LoC)

Hezekiah,The Devout/the Repentant
Asa, the Upright/the Blameless
Bathsheba, the Helper/the Prostrate
Josiah, the Restorer/the Righteous
Jeshua, the Restorer
Ezra, Favored by God

Evil characters:
Aliens (II Chronicles 2:17, LoC)
Beasts of the Earth
Distressing people
King Sennacherib (LoC)
The Tartan (LoC)
The Rabshakeh (LoC)
Assyrian Archer

Dual Alignment characters:
Solomon, the Wise/the Idolater
Amaziah, the Just/the Arrogant

Good Enhancements:
Royal Parade
Marriage Covenant
Sling Stones (LoC)
Counsel of Abigail (LoC)
Helmet (LoC)
David's Descendant (LoC)
Abishai's Spear

Evil Enhancements:
Arrogance (LoC)
Alliance Against Judah
Worship of Nisroch
Hired Sword
Hooked and Shackled
The Rabshakeh's Threats (LoC)
Sennacherib Blasphemes
Glittering spear (Kings)
Captured by Assyria (LoC)

Dual alignment Enhancements:
Unified Language
Stolen Blessing
Torn Kingdom


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