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Didn't know where to start a new topic so I chose here.

I counted out all my card and I have 265 cards. I know NOTHING about Redemption. I thought Redemption was awesome looking when I was 10 and my mom got me a ton of card when we went to PA one year at a convention thing. They just gathered dust. Now I want to get some use out of them but I don't think anyone in my area has even heard of it. So could someone explain the basics of the game to me? I could hardly find any information about the game anywhere and luckily stumbled upon it here.

First off welcome to the game its quite a bit of fun.  Where exactly are you from there are players all across the U.S. so there is a chance someone is near you.  As for helping you get started the first thing you might want to do to get going is to try and find the rules and just read through the basic concepts.  Also going through your cards and reading the special abilities so you can get accostumed to the cards.  As for deck building you would have to post a list of the cards you have, sorted out so we can see what you have, for us to help you with that.

I'm in Fredericksburg, VA. I'm starting to make a database of my cards right now in word or something so once I'm finished I'll post it up. Where are the rules too? I can't find them.

You can find the rulebook online as well as a couple of sample games.  You only need Adobe Reader to view them.  Most computers already have it but it's a free download if you don't.

Here's the link for the rulebook and walk through games:

They're at the bottom of the page.

Just wondering tell exactly what this means: I have a card it is signed by David Easterly I think. The top right 2 numbers were written over to I think from 3/1 to 5/1 The card is David's Sling. I put this one in a sleeve. Is this a awesome card or no?


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