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Need some help.


Hello everyone. Ive been into Redemption for around awhile now, but I stopped a little bit after RoJ came out. But now I'm back and am wondering what would be considered "meta" right now and maybe some decklist's would be helpful. Thanks a lot.

The usual strategy of looking at last year's Nats winners and updating the deck to include cards from the new set doesn't work quite so well this year. Samuel (RoA) is one of the 3.5 cards in the entire history of the game to be banned (the other two and a half being PoC's Mourn and Weep and the Originals Lost Souls, both 2- and 3-Liner), which has defanged Throne of David decks considerably (but not completely!). The first place deck was a Choose the Blocker offense, second place Priests, and third, fourth, and fifth were all Flood.

I haven't played as much as I'd like with the new set, so I'll let others go into detail, but blue, purple, white, gold, and red got a lot of support this year (especially red). I think that Ruth decks can be very scary (although perhaps more in T2 than T1), and generic Line decks that use the best cards from each theme could be very powerful. Otherwise, both Flood and patriarchs decks benefit from the blue stuff, kings have some powerful new options (and enough playable heroes to actually make a decent deck that meets Zion's unity), and postexilics.... exist. I really want them to be good but I don't really see it.

Honestly, though, there's a new soul that negates OT characters in battle. Since the last three sets (and therefore all the shiny new toys) have been primarily OT, running that in an RoJ era deck with primarily or entirely NT characters wouldn't be bad.

Welcome back to the game!

In line with what Bobbert said, I sell pre-built decks (called Contender Decks) that may help you get back into the game at a low cost. I also sell the top three T1 2P winning decks from last year’s National tournament:

Here’s a link to a Revelation deck, themed to be Revelation Angels and Demons.  This is one of my top sellers:

I also built a Ruth Heroes / Moabite Contender Deck but I haven’t posted it yet. It uses just about every Ruth hero from the latest set and many new cards from that set and other contemporary sets. It’s a fun, strong deck for sure. JHendrix on this forum bought it. Feel free to message him to see what he thought about it. If you’d like to see the deck list please feel free to message me here or email me at

I also have a Postexilic deck for sale (listed among the other Contender Decks), but as Bobbert said I’m not a fan of this offense.

I hope this helps!


Yes, welcome back!  :)

Regarding what have already been said you can check for current decks resp. deck ideas here and here.


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