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Angel Wars


I played this again the other day with my nephew and I have to say it...I LOVE THIS GAME!!!  I know it's not really popular, but I think that is because with a name like "Angel Wars", players were expecting a war game.  The whole Angel Wars theme on the game is pretty much useless, but the game is fun!  Movement and tile flipping.  It's simple, yet addicting.  Reminds me a lot of Othello.  I also love that it has two modes of play, straight up strategy and strategy/random die roll.  If it hasn't been said before, it needs to be said...Good job Cactus!
p.s.  I appreciated the little things that aren't necessary, but make the overall enjoyment greater, i.e. multiple pieces so nobody plays as a demon (needed in the CBA market) and the inside of the box with a beautiful advertisement built into the casing.


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