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T2 Deck of the Day: Blue-Magic 3/19/18
« on: March 20, 2018, 12:09:39 AM »
This is the main T2 MP deck I used last season (with the Reserve not being added until after RoJ released). It was based around Faith of Isaac and Divination being ways to get to the cards I needed without having to use heavy drawing or searching. What I usually found was that if I got off to a good start in the first couple of rounds, I could get to the cards I needed (i.e. dominants and strong Heroes) just as fast as any Throne or Music Leader deck. However, if I didn't get Faith of Isaac or Divination early, the deck could end up being really slow, which is why I built a second MP deck with more pure speed. I ended up using each deck twice at Nationals last year on my way to winning T2 MP.

The primary goal of the offense was to utilize Urim and Thummim to determine which opponents had weakened defense on any given turn and then use a mix of banding, FBTN or CtB to pick up easy souls. The defense was based around Deluders withdrawing all Heroes except the Hero who would give me initiative to play Great Image and then end the battle with Deceitful Sin.

Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of the post-RoJ version--I ended up adding Job Promo to the main deck so most of the good cards in the Reserve were Job cards and the evil cards were just extra ECs to grab with The Deceiver. You'll notice this list doesn't even have GoYS as most people were running CoW FA for the extra block. With the added abilities of the new GoYS, I definitely added that once RoJ released.

"Blue Magic"
1   Son of God (I)
1   The Second Coming
1   Angel of the Lord (E)
1   Grapes of Wrath
1   Harvest Time (Promo)

1   Wall of Protection
1   The Throne of Grace

2   Ehud (Pa)
1   Ahimaaz (Ki)
1   Eli the Priest (Pa)
1   Joseph (CoW)
1   Abraham (CoW)
1   Isaac (CoW)
1   Armorbearer
1   Benaiah (Ki)
1   Ira (Ki)
1   Helez (Ki)
1   Noah (CoW)
1   Enoch (CoW)
1   Abel (CoW)
1   Eve (Di)
1   Zebulun
1   Dan
1   Jacob (Israel) (CoW)
2   The Angel of the Winds

2   Faith of Isaac
2   Faith of Samuel
3   Obedience of Noah (D)
3   Provisions
2   Abraham's Servant to Ur
2   You Will Remain

2   Urim and Thummim
1   Dragon Raid (Promo)
1   Hidden Treasures

1   Christian Martyr (J)
1   Destruction of Nehushtan
1   Burial (B)
1   Mayhem
1   Falling Away (CoW)
1   Vain Philosophy (J)

1   Jericho (CoW)

1   The Serpent (Promo)
2   Simon the Magician (EC)
2   Chaldeans (Promo)
2   Astrologers (TxP)
2   User of Curious Arts
3   Deluders
3   Messenger of Satan (EC)
1   Judas Iscariot (Pi)

4   Divination (TxP)
4   Dream
4   Deceitful Sin
2   Great Image
2   Hypocrisy (EC)
1   Broken Covenant
1   Captured Ark

2   Lost Soul (Protector) Luke 5:15
2   Lost Soul (Open Hand)
2   Lost Soul (Forsaken)
2   Lost Soul Jeremiah 17:9 (Punisher)
2   Lost Soul (Lawless)
2   Lost Soul (Awake)
2   Lost Soul (Dull)
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