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Red offense
« on: March 27, 2019, 07:52:38 PM »
AuTo x3
Samuel (RoA) x2
David, The Shepherd x2
Mighty Men x2-3
Ishmaiah x1-2
Ahimelek x1-2
Asahel x1
Abishai x1
Phineas x1
Ahimaaz x1
Joab (neutral I know) x1
Elhanan x1
Caleb x1
18-21 Heroes

A Soldier's Prayer x3
Battle Cry x3
Not Alone x1
Unified Language x1
Foreign Sword x2
Sword of the Lord x2
Jehu's Sword x1
Counsel of Abigail x2
Warrior's Spear x3
Sword of the Spirit x1

15 good enhs + 4 neutral enhs

Eternal Covenant x1
You Will Remain x2

The band with the biggest punch without Battle Cry, correct me if I am wrong, would be; Caleb with a sword, Mighty Men with a Sword, Ishmaiah with FS topdeck, band to Mighty Men with Warrior's Spear d/c the top deck card, Abishai with another sword, Phineas with the final sword, Mighty Men with WS, Asahel with final WS, Joab, Mighty Men to either David, another Ahimelek with FS number 2 for another topdeck evil or neutral, or Elhanan to pull out a red enh. You just top decked an evil or netural card then discarded it, discarded two more top cards from their deck, discarded potentially 3 EC's plus an additional card in their sword of another EC with Jehu's Sword then you get to dc another EC after battle with Joab.
Obviously that is a little extreme but with AuTo/Sam/David it's not farfetched. The deck also runs The Great White Throne and a Throne of David for a little extra oomph/3 Woes target. Also an Urim and Thummin. The deck mostly decimates their territory, if they can block, which you can see their hand from time to time with U&T due to David, you just have to get out U&T, then you can see if they are holding an EC. Take out their counters with Foreign Sword, attack with a band, finish with David, play first off Throne. If they stop that, just keep hitting their territory. The deck sets up insanely fast. It is pretty one sided but the speed helps.
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