Author Topic: Need deck advice for Type 2 multi player game for tournament  (Read 648 times)

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Need deck advice for Type 2 multi player game for tournament
« on: March 11, 2015, 11:32:35 PM »
This is only my second time playing a type 2 multi player game for a tournament.

Heroes 16

Benjamin x 2
Joseph x 2
Rachel x 3
Jacob x 2
Zebulun x 2
Coth (Wa) x 2
Simeon (Just added)

Good enhancements 14

Joe before pharaoh x 3
Forgiveness of Joe x 3
Abraham's Descendant x 2
Answer to Prayer x 2
Reuben's torn clothes x 2
Well reopened
Obedience of Noah (d deck)

Good dominants
New Jerusalem
Sog ( J deck)

I am Grace x 2 

good fortresses

Wall of Protection (take out 1 wop)
Goshen (promo)

Evil characters 18

The Dreaming Pharaoh x 2
Potiphar x 2
Egyptian Magicians x 2
Egyptain wise men x 2
Egyptain Charioteers x 2
Pharaoh's cupbearer x 2
Pharoh's baker
Egyptain Archer
Egyptain warden
Potiphar's Wife
Spirit of Temptation

Evil enhancements 14

Egyptain horses x 4
Wonders forgotten x 4
Besieging the City x 2
Enslaved by Egypt x 2
Abandonment (TEC)
Failed Objective

 Evil Dominants
Falling Away
Vain Philosophy
Ship wreck
Christian Martyr 

Captured ark

Evil fortress
Pharaoh's Throne Room

dual enhancements
7 years of plenty x 2

Neutral cards

Pharoah's Prison x 2
Dragon Raid (promo)


Hezzy's ring
Darius Decree
Three nails

Lost soul cards

Hopper x 2
Female only x 2
N.T Only x 2
First round protect x 2
*/4 or greater
CBP lost soul
Lost Souls ( 3 liner)
early church lost soul (targets your hand ability)
Anti burial

Deck total should be 105

Any advice or thoughts on this deck for multi player type 2 game to make it more effective in a multi player game??


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