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The Ten Commandments of Redemption
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Yea, verily, read ye and be critical in thy thinking.

The Ten Commandments of Redemption

#0 - Post Abilities When Asking Questions
special added rule for online

#1 - Any means Any and All means All
Yes, even your own, as long as it's a legal target.

#2 - Sites are Sites; Forts are Forts; Covenants (at face value) are Covenants; Curses (at face value) are Curses

#3 - Cannot be Negated means Cannot Be Negated
Not directly, not indirectly, no way, no how.  That puppy sticks.

#4 - Prevent stops abilities going forward.  Interrupt stops abilities going backward.  Negate does both.
... and cannot-be refers to these same directions

#5 - Negates Cascade; Any Cards That Take Effect as the Result of a Negated Card, are Also Negated
Use Coat, play an off-color Enhancement, negate Coat, the Enhancement fizzles also.

#6 - You Can't Interrupt a Prevent if Your Interrupt is Prevented
"I prevented you."  "But I interrupted you after."  "But my prevent stops your interrupt first."

#7 - Rock (protect/immune/ignore) beats scissors (cannot be negated); scissors beats paper (interrupt/prevent/negate); paper beats rock.
Dynamite and Spock cards not included.

#8 - Cards Take Effect in the Order They Are Played; Dominants Take Effect in the Order They Hit the Table.
One at a time, people.

#9 - Discarding a Card Does Not Negate Its Active Special Ability
You have to interrupt/prevent/negate a special effect to stop it.

#10 - Restricts Stop a Player From Doing Something, Prevents Stop a Special Ability from Working, Protects Stop Something From Being Done to Your Card.
Who is the target of your card?  Is it your character?  Or is it his?
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