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Strategies and Combos / Re: What heroes can search out sites?
« Last post by The Guardian on Today at 10:57:17 AM »
Walking on Water from the I starter deck is a nice negate.
Strategies and Combos / Re: What heroes can search out sites?
« Last post by sepjazzwarrior on Today at 10:53:21 AM »
Haman's Boasting and Foreign Exile can both get out the fort, but that's basically all they do, and having to build a site deck, space is very short, so not sure if there is room.  Are there many cards that are silver and purple?  coming prince and lost anointing I know are, but what else?
Redemption® Onsite Official Tournaments / Seasonal Promo Rotation
« Last post by Gabe on Today at 10:02:32 AM »
As we wrap up the first year of Seasonal promos, Rob has shared with us the plan for the future of Seasonal promos and I'd like to make sure it's known to all of you.

The seasonal promos we introduced last year will be available again this coming year during the appropriate season. After their second tour they will be retired and will not be offered again the following year. In addition to offering the previous year's Seasonal promos we plan to introduce a new Seasonal promo each season as well.

Here's an example of the schedule to help make this clear:

Summer 2018 - Rapha
Fall 2018 - Majestic Heavens
Winter 2018/19 - Bethlehem
Spring 2019 - Storehouse

Summer 2019 - choose between Rapha or the new 2019 summer promo
Fall 2019 - choose between Majestic Heavens or the new 2019 fall promo
Winter 2019/20 - choose between Bethlehem or the new winter 2019/20 promo
Spring 2020 - choose between Storehouse or the new spring 2020 promo

Summer 2020 - choose between the 2019 summer promo or the new 2020 summer promo (Rapha will no longer be offered)
Redemption® Market / Persecuted Church needs
« Last post by Watchman on Today at 08:37:19 AM »
Anyone have any number of these available for trade?

Music Leader
Soldier of God
That's a fair point about staples...if staples mean "100% of decks" then John showed us in 2015 that not even Son of God is a staple... ::)

(Not to mention that I fully expect to see Chariot of Fire played this season.)

For me, I think I would consider staple to be 90% or more of high level tournament decks. It should be really interesting to see the stats when T1 decklists are done for Nationals this year...I hope someone is able to compile the lists and do a breakdown.  8)
You could also see more of a split between OT and NT souls to mitigate disruption. It would also probably influence toward inclusion of some souls that are not impacted (Humble and CBP).  Humble is a staple today anyway.

I actually disagree with Humble being a staple (though obviously it's a matter of preference and opinion). If I'm using a deck that does a lot of drawing and searching then my hand is likely to be larger than my opponents more often than not. Furthermore, if I'm using Humble and my opponent is running Wanderer, then I'm potentially going to be facing two Humbles.

I definitely see what you are saying, and don’t disagree. I was heading out the door when I tried to write my first message so wasn’t too careful with words and might not have referenced it as a “staple” if I had taken more time.

However, it also depends somewhat on your definition of “staple.” Does it mean that it goes in 100% of decks, no questions asked? Or if it would go in 90% of decks, could it still be a staple? 80%?

If the definition of staple is that they would go in 100% of decks, then I’m not sure there are really many out there outside of doms.

I probably try to run Humble in more than 85% of my decks.

That said, I also don’t consider myself to be an amazing deck builder and most of the time the Lost Souls are one of the last things to be modified for me. So if I start a deck concept, it will likely have Humble in it to start (benefits with the ability as well as targeted as OT or NT Soul), and if I never finish refining the deck, it never comes out.

General Redemption® Discussion / Re: A rule change proposal for Dominants
« Last post by The Schaefer on February 18, 2019, 11:34:41 PM »
I think a dom per turn limit could potentially make dom playing a bit more strategic but I'm not sure it would significantly help the game. I feel this would help scale back the power of doms not having many timing restrictions compared to other cards which is part of why they are so good but it may not always be good for that to occur. Other cards may see a rise in power due to a change. Doms still will be incredibly poweful and used in every deck in likely similar composition.

When you think about it playing 1 dom a turn likely means that SOG, SC, AOTL, FA, CM, and 3W are likely still the best doms and still should be in a deck. That still leaves 1 dom flex spot for most decks which is still similar to now and their power just gets more spread over a game and more strategic rather than spammy. Fast decks still will benefit from early access but in a corner case could suffer from hand clog if they blindly just let it. Doms still have some of the least amount of timing/play restrictions by game rules and are usually very powerful so they are still likely better than alternatives even if they have to be used a little more wisely.

There could be drawbacks with deck consistency regardless of what you play and certain strats may prey on the limitations but thats something that would have to be playtested.

Ultimately while very intrigued by the idea and while very supportive of changes being made to better the game im not sure this does it or rather enough to warrant a change. It may even make top play have a further barrier of entry by making dom playment skill all the more imperative. I also don't think it addresses the biggest issue of the game which is the costless nature of very powerful cards. (Im not sure there is a good way to address that without ser rotation/mass bans honestly.)

I also feel that the game needs more streamlined rules in the future for easier access/learning for new players so im always skeptical of game rule changes that don't simplify. I'm much more in favor of set rotation and a legacy style format but thats another matter entirely.

Love the thinking and thought process. Probably not on board with the rule change.
Strategies and Combos / Re: What heroes can search out sites?
« Last post by Bobbert on February 18, 2019, 10:20:40 PM »
So here's what I was theorycrafting for a Gates of Samaria deck, though admittedly with Type 2 in mind:

Genesis Prophets.
Noah can exchange Samaria sites to deck for either two other flood survivors, or a green hero (Joseph being the big one, but CoW Jacob, Abel, and Enoch are also available). Once you get Samarias out, you can recycle them as well, allowing for more Gates triggers in addition to finding your offense. In addition to the Well Reopened that Guardian mentioned, Lingering in Sodom can pull the city. My idea also ran Creation of the World (with so many green Genesis heroes), an Abraham package, Ark of Salvation (allowing Shem and Japheth to trigger while also protecting all the heroes you're hopefully pulling with CotW), and possibly 12 Gates (again, mass protection and possibly some fun with so many Genesis heroes).
Never got around to building it, but I had some fun theorycrafting it.
Strategies and Combos / Re: What heroes can search out sites?
« Last post by The Guardian on February 18, 2019, 10:12:11 PM »
With Haman's Boasting and Foreign Exile both available to Brown, I'm not sure you need to go with Royalty (though Purple/Brown does have a ton of synergy with King Saul and King Abijam as well as King Saul's Spear, Defenestrated, Lost Anointing & David's Census).

Angel of Warning should definitely make the cut even if you go with Royalty because of his ability to take the Site and play it immediately (allowing you to take out small ECs pre-block).
Strategies and Combos / Re: What heroes can search out sites?
« Last post by sepjazzwarrior on February 18, 2019, 10:00:56 PM »
Trying to pair an offense with gates of samaria defense (I'm gonna make it work) right now I'm thinking royalty because they have 2 guys that can search out the fort, just seeing if there's anything that can help with sites as well
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