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Redemption® Market / Re: Best Value in Redemption!
« Last post by ArmedKevin117 on Today at 05:57:36 PM »
No problem.
Just checked it out- nicely done! Excellent info, helpful resource, and very fun!
  I'm glad you liked it bro!  ;D
Just checked it out- nicely done! Excellent info, helpful resource, and very fun!
General Redemption® Discussion / Re: PoC Phase 1 Box Opening Stats
« Last post by 777Godspeed on Today at 04:26:42 PM »
3 boxes is an excellent starting point then. Thanks for the correction.

Click here - Updated list with Prophecies of Christ sorted by rarity, set number, and ABC order with some other cool information.
Ruling Questions / Re: Seized by Babylon Q
« Last post by The Guardian on Today at 03:18:11 PM »

I believe it would be the same as your opponent taking your Hero with Nic's Teaching and you playing Hypocrisy on that Hero. The Hero would go to your hand and NT would go to their hand.
Ruling Questions / Re: Seized by Babylon Q
« Last post by Gabe on Today at 03:09:56 PM »
The take ability changes permanent control and allows you to have another players card in your hand. The take ability only applies to the specific card [type] mentioned.

Cards that are placed/held follow the card they are placed/held on, thus a card place/held on a card that is taken will should follow it. However, cards that you do not permanently control do not go to your hand, they go to the owners hand. So I think in the example given the Artifact would go to the owner's hand while the Temple goes to your hand.
Deck Concepts / Re: Introduction Decks
« Last post by Crashfach2002 on Today at 02:54:55 PM »
Hey, I went through the Level 1 deck and filled it out to 50 cards. I kept it with no special abilities, but made it so there are no duplicates since that's more fun. And I also added a small 2nd brigade for the offense and defense so that the new players can learn about matching up brigades. Finally, since you started with angels I tried to keep the spiritual warfare aspect as much as I could, which is fun as well. Let me know what you think!

Lost Souls: 7

7 Generic non-special ability Lost Souls

Dual-Alignment Cards: 1


Silver Cards: 12

Angel of Warning (Ap)
Attending Angel (Ap)
Reassuring Angel (Ap)
Strengthening Angel (Ap)
Angel of Revelation (E)
Guiding Angel (E)
Angel at Bethesda (I)
Legion of Angels (I)

Angelic Guidance (Ap)
Angelic News (Ap)
Hagar and Angel at Shur (E)
War in Heaven (E)

Purple Cards: 5

Saint of Virtue (Wa)
John (Pr)
Stephen (Ap)

Wonderment (Ap)
Letters to the Churches (H)

Good Multi-Colored Cards: 4

Shoes of Peace (Or)
Sword of the Spirit (Or)
Water to Wine (I)
Sword of the Lord (J)

Crimson Cards: 15

Judas Iscariot (Or)
Red Dragon (Or)
Stone Throwers (Or)
Babylon the Great (Wa)
Belshazzar (Pr)
Nebuchadnezzar (Pr)
Prophets of Baal (Pr)
Archelaus (Ap)

Fiery Darts (Or)
Treachery (Or)
Glittering Spear (Wa)
First Figs (Pr)
Weeping for Tammuz (Pr)
Selfish Ambition (Ap)
Busybody (E)

Black Cards: 5

Abaddon the Destroyer (Or)
Goliath (Or)
Lahmi (I)

Ephah (D)
Three Crosses (Ap)

Evil Multi-Colored Cards: 1

Sun Worship (Pr)

So when this deck was first created it had several colors: Blue (Bart & Sarah), Purple (King Saul, Saint of Virtue), Silver and maybe another, as well as Black (Abaddon, Goliath, Strong Demon), Crimson (Red Dragon & Mr Coopersmith) & Gray.  While that made it 50 unique cards, this deck isn't good enough for it to matter anymore.  This gives them the thought that one color tends to be a good "beginning" deck.  I'm probably going to keep it, but want to keep this here so others can do whichever they prefer.

Fun Fact:  This deck did have SoG, AotL, Burial and CM in it at one point and time, until it was decided NO abilities at all was probably the better fit.  Anyways, when it had the 4 dominants, I would actually win games against the G/H decks, but it has actually never won against an I/J deck (even when it included the dominants).
Ruling Questions / Seized by Babylon Q
« Last post by Master Q on Today at 02:27:08 PM »
My Q relates specifically to this part of the ability:

"...If used by a Babylonian, you may take a Site or Fortress and play it. CBP by a good card."

If the card being taken in Q has a card placed on it, do you take and play that card as well?


Opponent has a temple with an Artifact on it in territory. I play SbB on a Babylonian. Do I:

A. Take the Fortress and its contents and play them both (activating the Art on the Fort right away)

B. Take the Fortress and its contents but only play the Fortress (keeping the Art in hand)

C. Take only the Fortress, play it, and discard its contents

D. Some other thing
Note: If any trade deal is made by today I can ship the cards using USPS shipping services tomorrow.

Looking for the following cards:

The Emmaus Road x 3
Book of the Covenant x 6

House of Prayer x 3 (Would also be looking for up to 3 copies of House of prayer if getting at least 1 ultra rare in a trade)


Bethlehem x 5

Have the following cards I can trade for them:

Note: I have way more cards that I could trade for them then what is currently listed (including alternative border cards)  If you are looking for any other card then what is listed , please pm me and I will check and see if I have them.

High end cards from list include:

The second coming x 2
The second coming (AB)
Three Woes (AB)
Three Woes

The Early Church: 
The False Prophet                     King of Tyrus (orange) x 2
Shipwreck                                   Lampstand of the Sanctuary

Fall of Man:                                     Legacy Rares:
Rubble and Dust x 3                      Eve
Lost Soul (Covet) x 3                     Capturing Canaan
Lost Soul (hunter) x 2                  Lost Soul (wanderer)
Lost Soul (Wicked) x 2                Balaam's Disobedience
Lost Soul (Vindicated) x 2

Revelation of John:                                   Promos:
Three Woes                                                 Rapha of Gath
Red Dragon x 2                                           Lost Soul (crowds) x 5
Michael the Archangel x 2                     Noah's Ark x 2
The Ends of the Earth                                Paul
Golden Censor x 2                                           Fearless Traveler x 2
Lost Soul (imitate)                                      Esau the Hunter
Lost Soul (humble) x 2                               Job x 2
Lost Soul (Darkness) x 2                                 Abram's Army x 4
Image of the Beast                                    Laban (2018 promo)
NJ/Bride of Christ                                     The Tabernacle x 2                       
The Deciever x 2                                       Glory of the lord (2015 version)
Behemoth                                                   Dragon Raid x 2         
Covenant of Prayer                                   The Serpent
Texp:                                                                The Watchman x 3
  Grapes of Wrath x 3                                    Eli the Priest
   Mayhem x 2                                                   Faithful Servant
Kings:                                                                Philistine Diviners x 3
  Michael x 2                                                      New Jerusalem
  Lost Soul (hopper ) x 3                             Gideon's 300 x 4
                                                                             Seeker of the Lost
                                                                             Soldier of God

Revelation of John (AB)                         Cloud of Witnesses:
Three Woes                                                    The Second Coming x 2
Guardian of your Souls                                Broken Covenant
Lost Soul (Humble)                                         Lost Soul (Forsaken) x 2
Covenant of Prayer                                         Lost Soul (Dull) x 2
                                                                               Lost Soul ( hand revealer)
                                                                                Lost Soul (Lawless)
                                                                                Confusion x 2
Persecuted Church:                                        Falling Away
Holy Grail                                                          The Angel of the Winds                           
Silly Women                                                    Paying taxes
Lost Soul (Awake)                                        Treasures of War
                                                                             Eternal Covenant

Warriors:                                                      Cloud of Witnesses AB
King of Tyrus (Gold)                                 The Second Coming
Harvest time                                               Moses
Michael                                                         Joshua Son of Nun
Holy Grail x 2
Captain of the Host x 2
The Strong Angel
Wrath of Satan
Crown of Thorns
Dragon Raid x 2
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