Author Topic: A friendly reminder for the major tournament season :-)  (Read 556 times)

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A friendly reminder for the major tournament season :-)
« on: June 27, 2018, 12:56:55 PM »
Hey everyone, just wanted to encourage people (especially those hosting) to review the official tournament guide document at

In the past few weeks, I've heard of a couple situations where people did not realize that something that came up during the tournament was actually covered in the tournament guide. Obviously not every possible situation can be covered, but maybe knowing how common situations are handled will give Hosts and Judges an idea of how to handle the uncommon ones.

If you have questions, feel something is incorrect or missing, or have suggestions for the next update, please let myself, Gabe, John (RedDragonThorn) or Marcus (RedemptionAggie) know.

Also remember that no one is perfect and sometimes a host or judge will get something wrong--I myself made an incorrect ruling during a game at MN State, but fortunately John was there to correct me shortly after and it did not impact the game too much. Grace is needed for judges and players alike.  :)
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Have you checked the REG?
Have you looked it up in ORCID?